Buy Fildena 100MG Online | Generic Sildenafil

Buy Fildena 100MG Online | Generic Sildenafil

Sildenafil Citrate - Fildena - 100mg

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Fildena 100mg is a renowned and cost effective drug for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in male. The vulnerable disease, devoid the couples from leading a healthy sexual life. In this disease man won’t be able to keep the erection long enough required for intimacy session. Just with the solitary intake of this tablet man experience sexually powerful.

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Fildena 100mg is a brand of generic Sildenafil citrate, which comes under the group of medication known as PDE 5 inhibitor. The PDE 5 is responsible for inhibiting the working of cGMP which is mainly required for causing dilation and contraction of the smooth muscle of the penile region. This drug just augments the supply of the blood into the penile region, due to which man experiences the long lasting erection.

Uses of the Fildena 100mg

Fildena 100mg is used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in males.


The use of this drug is restricted in enlisting condition

  • An individual who are suffering from illnesses like retinitis pigmentosa, Peyronie's diseases, liver or kidney damage, gastrointestinal damage, and heart disorder.
  • Patient who have any kind of allergy to Sildenafil or nay of its ingredient.
  • This medicine is not at all for the children and female.
  • Person taking nitrate based drug are restricted to take this drug.

Drug interactions:

Avoid the intake of certain class of drug while taking this drug

  • antidepressant medications like as Citalopram, Sertraline and Tofenacin
  • Anti-tubercular drugs like Isoniazid and Rifampicin
  • Some nitrates like Isosorbide mononitrates, and Nitrogycerin
  • (NSAIDs) like Aspirin, and Diclofenac Sodium
  • antibiotic drugs like Streptomycin, and Neomycin
  • Anti HIV drugs like Zidovudine, Tenofovir and Epivir


Keep the drug at the temperature (15C to 30C). Protect this drug from heat, moisture and direct sunlight. Keep this medicine in air tight container.


To get the benefits of this drug man should be sexually excited, as this is not an aphrodisiac. The man just needs to take this drug 30 minutes earlier of about getting involved into the sensual session with a low fat diet. The drug just in half an hour showing its effect, which last for 4 hours, which is enough for enjoying the sensual session to the greatest.

In case of overdose:

Overdose symptoms include painful with long time erection, dizziness, muscle pain, vision or hearing loss, trouble in breathing, pain in the throat and faintness.

In case of missed dose:

The chance of missing a dose of this drug is nil. As, this drug is used only when needed.

Side effects

Some side effects of the Fildena 100mg include rigorous headache, feeling of vomiting, blood pressure become decreased, fever with cold, mood swing, irritation, abnormal heartbeat, diarrhea, flush, indigestion, infection in urinary tract infection, fever with cold, loss of sensation, feeling sleepy, dryness of the mouth and painful and prolonged erection, decreases the red blood cell in the body, bloody nose, pain in the muscles, light sensation, mood off, irritation, weakness, vertigo and depression.


Some precautionary step should be kept in mind while taking this drug

  • The individual under the age of 18 years should not take this drug.
  • Avoid the intake of nitrates containing drug like nitroglycerin while taking this drug.
  • Don't take the fatty diet along with this drug food as it delay the efficacy of the drug.
  • Avoid driving after taking this drug.
  • Don't take grape juice along with this drug as it interferes with the availability of the drug in the body.

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Fantastic service and nice product Review by Frank Costa
Fildena 100 mg is one of the best medicine for treating ED problems. I'm using this from a few months. Really good product. (Posted on 9/4/17)
Awesome product and best service Review by Charles North
I was suffering from ED problem. I order Fildena 100mg from this site. I am highly impressed with the delivery and shipping services of this online pharmacy site. (Posted on 8/17/17)

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