Paraflex 250 MG

Paraflex 250 MG

CHLORZOXAZONE-(klor zox a zone)

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Paraflex 250 mg is broadly prescribed medicine as an analgesic for the treatment of muscle related pain. Chlorzoxazone is an active pharmaceutical ingredient of this medicine. This medicine prescribed for shorter period of time (maximum 3 weeks) and gives immediate action within 1 hour after consuming it. This medicine has fewer side effects. It is a very effective muscle relaxant and very popular among the muscular disorder patients nowadays.

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Paraflex 250 mg is a Muscle relaxant drug, which is prescribed for the treatment of muscular disorder and gives, relieve in various musculoskeletal pain. This medicine contains Chlorzoxazone as an active ingredient, which has an analgesic property and belongs to Muscle relaxant group.  Paraflex 250 tablet exhibits its action on the brain and shows its effective action by blocking the pain impulse from nerve cell to the brain. Paraflex 250 mg tablet is an effective medicine to those patients who is suffering from ancient times and permanent muscle pain from any skeletal damage. Paraflex 250 mg tablet should not take during pregnancy or lactation.

 Doses and administration of Paraflex 250 mg

  • Paraflex 250 can take once two times in a day but this dose may be increased up to three times in a day if you do not get proper relief from the pain
  • Paraflex 250 mg tablets should not take continues more than 3 weeks.
  • This medicine should be consumed by oral route.
  • It can take with or without food.

Indication of Paraflex 250 mg

  • This medicine is used to treat muscular disorders such as muscle pain or muscle spasm.
  • It is also useful to treat past or old muscle pain from any injuries.

Contraindications of Paraflex 250 mg

There are some contraindications which are mentioned as below:

  • Hypersensitive reaction
  • During pregnancy
  • During lactation
  • Below 14 years
  • Alcohol consumption

 Drug Interaction of Paraflex 250 mg

Paraflex 250 mg drug may interact with some drug and increase or decrease the action of this medicine. These drugs are described below:

  • Anxiolytic drugs - Diazepam and Alprazolam
  • Anti-histamine drugs-Cetirizine and  Diphenhydramine
  • Narcotic pain reliever-Codeine and Morphine

Storage condition of Paraflex 250 mg

  • Paraflex 250 mg tablet must be stored in cool and dry place at 25 to 30 0C
  • Protect from direct sunlight or moisture.
  • Keep it in a closed container

Missed Dose of Paraflex 250 mg

You want a good therapeutic effect of this medicine then you do not miss any dose of this medicine if you missed any dose of this medicine then please take it as soon as possible but if you near the next dose than skipped it and take the regular dose as per schedule. Please do not take a double dose for complete missed dose.

 Overdose of Paraflex 250 mg

Overdose of Paraflex 250 mg tablet may very harmful, so avoid it. It has been reported it as dizziness, depression, addiction of the drug or enhance the risk of seizures. So please inform to your doctor about it if you took an overdose.

Side effects of Paraflex 250 mg

There are some side effects, which are associated with the intake of Paraflex 250 mg tablet like headache, mouth dryness, dizziness, vomiting, abdominal pain are common side effects. Respiratory disorder or Constipation is less common side effects. Gastrointestinal tract irritation or flushing is very rare side effects.

If you experienced these side effects or any other, so discontinue this treatment as soon as possible.

Precaution of Paraflex 250 mg

There is some Precaution, which must be following before or during the taking drug or treatment.

  • Do not take this medicine if you suffer from any disease such as liver, renal and blood disease.
  • Paraflex 250 mg tablet is not recommended to the pediatric patients.
  • Alcohol must be avoided during the treatment because it decreases the onset of action of the drug.
  • Do not take this medicine in pregnancy or during lactation.

You should not take any other muscle relaxant drug during this treatment

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