Lioresal 10 MG-Liofen

Lioresal 10 MG-Liofen

BACLOFEN (BAK loe fen)

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Lioresal 10 mg contains Baclofen as principle helpful components, which is utilized as a part for treating muscle spasm, muscle issues or spasticity brought on because of the harm or spinal line or numerous sclerosis. Lioresal goes about as a muscle relaxant and decreases the seriousness and number of tremors & spasm happening because of neurological issue. It additionally treats liquor addiction.

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Lioresal 10 mg is an anti spastic and muscle relaxant medication. Lioresal is synthesized by derivation from GABA (Gamma Amino butyric acid), an inhibitory neurotransmitter. Lioresal is GABA subsidiary so there is no indication of writhing. Lioresal works by restraining reflex mechanism a monosynaptic and polysynaptic end of spinal cord. It is because of hyper polarization of afferent terminals. The medication ties to the GABA receptor. Lioresal should have CNS depressant instruments bringing about sedation and ataxia.

Exact Dose of Medicine

At first 5mg is given thrice in a day for 3 days then dosage is expanded up to 10 mg for next three days. The dose measurements prescribed for Baclofen is 20 mg for 4 times. However dosage can differ as per persons need, weight or therapeutic history like kidney issue, and so on.

Benefits of Lioresal

Baclofen is shown for-

  • Lioresal is shown for the treatment of specificity of muscles brought on because of sclerosis and spinal harm or infections like tumors,
  • Lioresal is prescribed for both grown-up and youngsters experiencing meningitis, head harm & cerebral paralysis. Treatment ought not to begin until spastic condition is settled.
  • Also showed for muscle spasm in spinal line because of contamination, degenerative neural issue, and spastic spinal loss of motion.

Undesirable impacts

The most well-known symptoms seen are-

  • dizziness
  • weakness
  • nausea
  • tiredness,
  • blockage
  • Drowsiness

In the event that other symptoms are found like dependency, change in temperament, and so forth counsel your specialist. In the event that any unfavorably susceptible signs are seen like tingling, swelling in tongue or throat, rashes, and so forth restorative help can be taken.


Capacity condition for Lioresal is-

  • Lioresal is put away underneath 25°C temperature. It ought to be avoided high temperature and dampness.
  • Store the medications far from the scope of kids.

Drug interactions

Sedates that can result in interactions are: Carbidopa; taking medications that go about as CNS depressant like Tizanidine; upper like; hostile to hypertensive medications alongside Baclofen can bring about extraordinary fall the circulatory strain; Lithium.

 Safety measures

Precautionary measure to be taken while solution of Lioresal-

  • Tell your specialist on the off chance that you are oversensitive to Baclofen or you have whatever other unfavorable susceptibility.
  • If you have whatever other medicinal histories like cerebrum issue, kidney issue, tell your specialist.
  • Avoid liquor consumption and smoking while taking prescription.
  • Avoid driving vehicle or work obliging readiness in the wake of taking medication in light of the fact that you may feel lethargy.
  • If you are taking any medications that are following up on focal sensory system, then condition may exacerbate.
  • Baclofen medication can be utilized amid pregnancy in the wake of counseling specialist.
  • Consult your specialist, if you are breast feeding mother in light of the fact that it may pass into milk while sustaining newborn child.
  • Do not stop the prescription of Baclofen all of a sudden, it may cause withdrawal reaction.
  • Lioresal ought not to be taken for skeleton muscle tremor because of rheumatic joint pain.


  • Safe utilization of Baclofen in pregnant ladies is not settled, as it can cross the placental obstruction and can impact on health of unborn.
  • The medication is repudiated in nursing mother as medication can pass from mother to child and can influence the infant.

On the off chance that DOSE IS MISSED:

Take your medication frequently. In the event that the measurement is missed take it promptly when you recall. In the event that the time it now, time for next measurement avoid the dosage. Take your consistent measurements on time.

 On the off chance that OVERDOSED:

Take the measurements of medication according to suggestion. In the event that you have overdosed counsel promptly your specialist. Attempt to actuate emesis and give counterfeit breath. Manifestations seen amid overdose of medication are: sorrow, hypotension or may be hypertension, bradycardia, tachycardia, sickness, heaving, respiratory discouragement, perplexity, pipedream, shaking, swing of state of mind.

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