Calcipotriene (kal-si-poe-TRY-een) Topical

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Dovonex cream is a medicine which is used in psoriasis. The active medication of the cream is calcipotriol hydrate.Calcipotriene is involved in the growth and development of skin cells.The medication is intended for external use only.

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The drug contains active ingredient calcipotriol, a medicine that is a derivative of vitamin D. This medication works by reducing the production of skin cells.

The scaling and thickening of skin and appearance of raised plaques that occurs in psoriasis are the result of excessive skin cell production. The drug reduces the excessive skin cell production and promotes normal skin cell growth. This helps to flatten and clear the psoriasis plaques.

The skin gradually improves over time, with maximum improvement taking upto 12 weeks of treatment.


A thin layer of Dovonex Cream (calcipotriene cream) should be applied to the affected skin twice daily and rub in gently and completely.

How to use the drug Dovonex:

The medication is used on the skin only. A thin layer of the medication is to be applied to the affected area and gently rub it, usually once or twice daily for the ointment or twice daily for the cream. The hands should be washed after using. The medication should not be applied on the face, in eyes, nose or mouth or inside vagina. The risk of side effects gets increased. After 2 weeks of treatment, an improvement in skin is begun to see.

Uses of Dovonex:

The medication is used in the treatment of psoriasis. The drug calcipotriene is a form of vitamin D which works by slowing down the growth of skin cells.

Drug interactions of dovonex:

The drug interactions of dovonex are:

The drugs like caffeine, alcohol, the nicotine from cigarettes or street drugs etc can affect the action of medication.

Contraindications of dovonex:

The medication is contraindicated in the following cases:

  • In case of pregnancy, the medication should not be taken.
  • The breastfeeding woman should not take this medicine.
  • In the patients with a history of hypersensitivity to any of the components of the preparation.

Precautions of dovonex:

The precautionary measures that are need to be taken while the use of this drug is:

  • If the person is allergic to the medication, it should be clearly mentioned to the doctor.
  • This product can contain inactive ingredients which can cause allergic reactions.
  • The medication should not be used if certain medical conditions like high calcium, vitamin D levels found.
  • Prolonged sun exposure to the skin, tanning booths and sunlamps should be avoided.
  • If the person is having kidney and liver problems or has metabolic problems or having certain type of psoriasis, the medication should be used with caution.
  • When the drug is used with ultraviolet radiation, there can be an increased risk of developing skin cancer.

Side effects of drug dovonex:

The side effects shown by the use of this drug are:

  • Hives, difficulty in breathing, sweeling of face,lips,tongue or throat
  • Severe burning,stinging or irritation
  • Worsening of skin condition
  • Nausea, vomiting, pain in stomach, loss of appetite, constipation, increased thirst or urination, pain in muscle or weakness, pain in joints, confusion.


The overdosing should not be done.If any overdosing symptoms occurs, visit to the nearest hospital immediately.

Missed dose:

If a dose is missed, it should be taken as soon as get remember. But if it has been the time of next dose, the missed dose is skipped and the regular dosing schedule is followed.

Storage conditions:

The drug should be stored at room temperature. It should not be directly exposed to heat and light. The drug should be kept away from children and pets.

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