Most of the individuals are ready to have their own families, but there are the majority of families who are not prepared to welcome a baby. Several times it has been seen that a woman becomes pregnant when she is not ready to conceive. However, the reasons are not same as it differs from case to case the most common reasons are a job, education, academics and many others. Sometimes she thinks about her age as this is not the right time for an abortion. Unwanted pregnancy is common among young individuals including teens as the practice premarital sex and wants to enjoy as they can. Therefore, while doing this they forget to use protective methods or failure of contraceptives. If you are a woman and decided for an abortion you must choose the best and reliable method of termination known as MTP KIT.

MTP KIT is an outstanding medication most commonly recommended for the elimination of unwanted gestation. It is used to evacuate the gestation of fewer than 9 weeks and the day starts from the last day of menstruation. This medication is easy to use and one can terminate her unwanted gestation at any place where she wants. It is a combination medication encloses two active constituents Mifepristone and Misoprostol that is prepared as pill form. MTP KIT (Generic Mifepristone) belongs to the class of anti-progestin drug shows action by blocking the action of progesterone hormone, thus fetus is not capable to grow and in conclusion, it becomes dead. Mifepristone provides nutrients and supplements to the fetus and also causes detachment of the placenta from the uterine wall. Buy Mifepristone and Misoprostol Online in USA from our portal - Chemist247Online.

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The method of termination using MTP KIT:

MTP KIT contains five tablets one Mifepristone (200mg) and four Misoprostol (200 mcg) tablets recommended to take in stepwise. Initially, you are suggested to consume one Mifepristone tablet via mouth with the help of a full glass of water. And two days later take four Misoprostol tablet via mouth or vaginal route (use sterile water in case of the vaginal route). After fourteen days of administration consult the doctor for the termination of unwanted gestation. Bleeding and pain may likely to occur while using the medication, therefore, take rest and eat nutritious food for fast revival.

Possible side effects: While taking the medication some unwished effects may likely to occur such as vaginal bleeding, diarrhea, giddiness, stomach cramping or pain, severe exhaustion, nausea, back pain, and vomiting.


Precautions while using MTP KIT:


  • Women having ectopic pregnant (pregnancy outside the womb) should avoid using the medication and remove your IUD before using Kit. 
  • Refrain, from being engaged in lovemaking sessions for some weeks after an abortion
  • Do not take alcohol and other sedative products, grapefruits or its juices as these are not safe along with the medication. 
  • It is suggested to consult the doctor if you are patient of chronic adrenal failure or Addison disorder, and severe undiagnosed uterine bleeding or any other medical condition and do not use if allergic to any constituent in the medication.


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