Poor erection is a drawback in some of the men but you do not know WHY. You are born with all your male reproductive system and with all sensual hormones. Everything was working properly, after entering teens you had masturbation many times. There was no problem of erection loss. As you started college, you met your dream girl and enjoyed physically with her. The sensual life on your college also went perfectly. You had a number of physical engagements with your partner. Later your erection problem seemed to appear after your marriage. At first, you enjoyed every moment physically with your partner but after two years of your marriage, you got stuck with ED. This disorder became a part of your life. When you thought of any physical involvement with your partner, your erection loss made you disable. ED was totally making you away from your loved one. You got a recommendation from your friend to use VILITRA. You tried one day and you could not believe that night you rocked. Your happiness came back and your mate fell in love with you more than she was earlier. Vilitra made you able to have sensual fun many times.


The Class in which Vilitra belongs is PDE5 inhibitor category.

To know about how well Vilitra works, read below blog:

Phosphodiesterase enzyme causes breaking down of cGMP present in the penile region. cGMP is useful for inducing vasodilation process inside the penile part. Inadequate amount of cGMP will bring poor erection. To uplift cGMP quantity in penile region, you should consume Vilitra. This medication will prohibit your PDE5 enzyme and so hikes the number of cGMP in the penile region. Enough of cGMP will induce vasodilation step and so increases blood circulation through vessels. This leads to a good erection. The blood flow outwards stops so the blood traps and erection sustains until blood moves outwards. Buy Vilitra 20 mg Online from our drug store - Chemist247Online.Net

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Vilitra comes in different dosages such as Vilitra 20 mg, Vilitra 40 mg, and Vilitra 60 mg.

A person who is facing impotency due to frequent erection failure must begin using a single tablet of Vilitra with water. Consume it before 60 minutes of intimacy session. The activity will begin within 30 minutes time and the activity will lengthen for about 4-5 hours. In take it with or without food. You are advised to plan your physical intimacy and take the drug before getting intimate. You can only consume the next dosage after 24 hours time.

DO NEVER INGEST Vilitra medication in case of below-written conditions:

• When you are highly sensitive to this medicine
• When you fall under the age group of 18 years
• When you are ingesting Nitrate form of drugs
• When you have painful erection

You are advised to follow SOME SAFETY TIPS before using Vilitra tablet such as:

• Grapefruit juice highly interacts with Vilitra and worsens effects.
• Shun alcohol usage as it interacts and leads to ill ailments.
• Whenever you face pain while erection or erection time lengthens then ask your doctor.
• Meals that are rich in fats will lessen the rate of absorption thus avoid fatty meals.

Possible ILL EFFECTS that are known to occur with its use are a runny nose, Stuffy nose, Flushing, Dizziness, Upset stomach, Back pain, and Headache.

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