Latisse eye drops are the ophthalmic preparation used by the patient for the management of hypotrichosis i.e. shortening of eyelashes. This drug helps to grow the lashes naturally without producing any harm. Furthermore, it also helps in the management of open eye glaucoma by reducing the raised pressure inside the eyes, as it may lead to optic nerve damage. This is approved by FDA for eye use and encloses of Bimatoprost as a main working element.

Bimatoprost being Prostaglandin usually acts on the hair growth cycle of the eyelashes. The drug enhances the anagen phase of life cycle reliable for longer lashes and decreases the telogen phase of hair growth cycle. This overall effect leads to larger and longer eyelashes. This also works on the open eye glaucoma by lowering down the raised pressure inside the eye.

The Latisse eye drop is an ophthalmic preparation that is accessible as of 0.03% of Bimatoprost. The users have to remove the eye makeup and wash down the face properly with water before medication usage. The medication is required to be applied with the sterile applicator that comes along with the medication. You have to apply the medication in the form of thin eyeliner on the upper eyelid only as the drug get applied on the lower lid automatically when you blink your eyes. Start applying the medication from the corner to the outer edge of the eye. Repeat the same procedure every day for the period of 16 weeks. For the open eye, glaucoma applies one eye drop inside the affected eye once in a day.


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The user of Latisse eye drops have reported some unwanted side effects as of tear formation, itching inside eyes, feeling like something heavy is placed inside the eye, swelling of eyes, nasal decongestion, shortness of breath, dizziness, vision changes, color changes of eyeball and sensitivity towards the light.

Conflicting Factors Of Latisse Eye Drops :-


  • The use of Latisse eye drop is conflicted if the patient is allergic to the Bimatoprost or any other drug component.
  • Do not make use of Latisse eye drops if you are suffering from any kind of eye disorder and narrow eye glaucoma. 
  • If you have a record of any recent eye surgery then does not use Latisse eye drops. 
  • If you are pregnant or breastfeeding to the baby then do not make use of eye drops without doctor consultation.

Safety Measures Required To Have While Using Latisse Eye Drops :-


  • You must have to remove the contact lenses before making use of Latisse eye drops. 
  • It makes your eyes sensitive towards sunlight hence wear sunglasses or use the medication at night time. 
  • Stay away from the use of harmful eye makeup or fake lashes while making use of eye drops. 
  • Must uphold the gap of 10minutes between two eye medication if you have to use any in combination with Latisse.
  • The drug may cause unwanted hair growth, hence prevent the contact of medication with a face.
  • Do not take part in driving and machinery work after applying the drug as it may cause dizziness effect.

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