When a woman conceives without her will then she chooses an abortion as the rightful step. Irrespective of the circumstances, if her pregnancy is undesired, she will go with an abortion. Undesired means not wanted. Now the question would come to your mind that Can pregnancy be unwanted? Yes, it can be. There are numerous factors that makes a woman or a man to not have a child in their life for some time. Reason can be financial or anything else. Sometimes a woman finds it difficult to raise her child as the single mother. She can be a victim of incest and her child is the result. She can be troubled with any disorder, may be sickle cell and her doctor has advised her for an abortion.

Whatever be the cause, if a woman has taken a step of an abortion, then she should have it done with RU-486. There are various pills available in the market for abortion, but not all are considered worth. Among them, RU-486 has proved to be the best medication for concluding pregnancy of less than seven weeks. This method does not involve any painful condition and you would be free from abortion within day or three.   

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RU-486 has Generic Mifepristone that removes your maternity of seven weeks or less (count the days from the first day of your last discharge cycle). RU 486 acts as a medication that functions as a barrier in progesterone action. Progesterone releases within the body and keeps the fetus alive by providing correct nutrition. RU-486 shows its function by ceasing in progesterone action that stops the nutrition offer towards growing fetus resulting death. RU-486 is accessible in tablet form.

RU-486 comprises a combination of three tablets, each of 200 mg dosing strength. For termination action, follow the procedure sequence. Firstly, you ought to engulf three pills of RU 486 as single dose right through the oral route with massive water. While using it, wait for two days. On the third day, seek your doctor help or visit the near hospital with your ultrasound reports in order to verify an abortion. If this abortion does not occur then you need to take an extra two tablets of Misoprostol of 200 mcg dosing strength each, through an oral or vaginal route as a single dose. Look for your doctor after fourteen days time gap for confirming your abortion step.

Medical conditions in which abortion is restricted:

  • RU-486 ought to not be used in ectopic maternity case.
  • RU-486 ought to be banned in hyper allergies.
  • Never go for an abortion if you've got a liver disease, urinary organ disorder, and heart disorder.

Safety tips to follow up before an abortion:

  • Do not use when you have inserted intrauterine devices.
  • Do not use if you are taking anticoagulants, if you are plagued by endocrine gland drawback, and genetic defect.
  • It is suggested to require contemporary fruit juices to gain strength after an abortion.
  • Avoid grapefruit juice after you are undergoing abortion with RU-486 because it will increase side effects.

Common side effects with RU-486 in some people are a weakness, fatigue, serious vaginal flow, quick pulse rate, abdominal drawback, vaginal discomfort, light-headedness, drowsiness, sickness, dizziness, or sluggishness.


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