While lovemaking most of the man and woman are careful and active in taking precaution if not planned for a baby or conceive. Unfortunately, when they are not able to take any precaution or miss the result may be annoying or unwanted. Unwanted pregnancy is one of them as this normally happens due to the failure of preventive measures, sexual harassments, societal issues, sexual violence, and lack of resources to carry the full-term pregnancy, etc.

Whatever the reason of unwanted pregnancy if you are not mentally prepared to become the mother of a baby then you can terminate your unwanted gestation using medication. Termination of unwanted pregnancy with the help of medication is very easy and effective. If you have decided to terminate your unwanted gestation, use MTP KIT.

MTP KIT is the best and effective medication commonly intended for the termination of unwanted pregnancy in a woman of fewer than 9 weeks of pregnancy (from the first day of last menstruation). This is a combination medication encloses generic Misoprostol and Mifepristone as the main active constituent and prepared as pill form. The ratio of the result is very high that is why this medication has gained positive reviews over the globe. Women using this kit can execute abortion at home or where she desires. The combine shows action to terminate the unwanted gestation generic Mifepristone is a class of anti-progesterone medication. This shows action by blocking the progesterone hormone. This hormone provides natural substance to the developing fetus thus due to inhibition the fetus is not able to grow properly. Generic Misoprostol causes contraction of the fetus, therefore, the cells become dead and excreted out from the fetus.

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The dosing direction of MTP KIT: The MTP kit contains two types of tablet one is Mifepristone 200mg and Misoprostol 200 mcg but to be used in step wise. On day one take one tablet of Mifepristone orally with the help of a full glass of water. after two days take four pills of Misoprostol this can be used via oral and vaginal route (use sterile water in case of the vaginal route) after ingestion wait for 14 days then go to the nearest healthcare provider to verify the termination of unwanted gestation.

Possible side effects of MTP Kit: While using the medication you may come across with some unwanted effects such as allergic reaction, fast heart rhythm, tightness in chest, dizziness, unusual weakness, vaginal discomfort, itching, and heavy vaginal bleeding.


Preventive measures while using MTP KIT:

  • You should avoid taking the medication if you are allergic to any constituent and talk to the doctor if you are suffering from the bleeding disorder, pelvic pain, severe liver and kidney disorder and cardiac disorder. 
  • Alcohol consumption is strictly prohibited along with the medication and does not drive or operate after having an abortion until you feel better. 
  • A woman who is with ectopic pregnancy (pregnancy outside the womb) should not use the medication and do not use if you are less than 18 years.

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