In a relationship, there are several reasons to be happy but sensual intimacy ranks high on that list. Sensual intimacy makes a couple closer. It makes a couple to understand and be comfortable with each other. Sensual intimacy does not mean that a couple is ready for a baby. However, it means a couple has a blind trust on each other and they want to closer to each other.

Love and romance in a relationship do not mean a couple is ready for a baby. In case if you are not ready for a baby then you should use a contraceptive but as we know contraceptive is not completely safe to avoid chances of pregnancy. To give birth to another life needs financially and emotional support, you have to plan for it and be ready physically and mentally for it.

If a female got pregnant and she is not ready either physically or emotionally to have a child then abortion is the best way to conclude an unexpected pregnancy. If it comes to abortion, there are several ways, which include surgical and abortion pills. A woman is having fear of surgical abortion as if she does not want to undergo a painful procedure. Sometimes a woman does not want to reveal her pregnancy news to anyone. Therefore, she needs the safest and secretive way to get rid of the unwanted pregnancy.

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RU486 is the effectual and trouble-free technique of termination early stage gestation up to seven weeks or forty-nine days. Mifeprex is the brand name for RU486, and its generic name is Mifepristone. A woman can use this at her home without letting anyone knows.

RU486 inhibits the progesterone receptors in your body (the hormone responsible for causing the uterine lining to build up and prepare for pregnancy). As a result, the supply of other nutrients and oxygen required for fetal development stops and leads to shedding of the uterus lining. It causes the death of the fetus. It causes uterus contraction and widening of the cervix. As a result, abortion contents are removed from the body in the form of blood clots and bleeding from the vagina. 

Day 1: You have to take Mifepristone 200 mg orally with a massive quantity of water on an empty stomach.

Day 2: You have to go to the nearby clinic for the verification of abortion. If imaging shows some remained, contents of abortion then take a couple of pills of Misoprostol 200 mcg each, either orally or vaginally. Again, after two days, she needs to follow with a clinical visit for the confirmation of an abortion.

A woman may face some undesirable side effects including stomach pain, back pain, weakness, nausea, headache, vaginal discomfort, heavy bleeding, and tiredness. Hence, a woman needs to maintain her diet healthy and nutritive in order to recover quickly.

Protecting measures to keep in mind:

  • Firstly, remove the Intrauterine device before taking RU486 pill.
  • Do not consume RU486 pill in case of ectopic pregnancy.
  • Make yourself reside far away from smoking or drinking alcohol as it may worsen RU486 pill's effects.
  • Don't take the RU486 pill if you are allergic to its content.

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