Eyelash extensions enhance overall beauty and confidence of a female. These are very popular everywhere in the world to get constant compliments. There are different kinds of eyelash extensions are discussed below in this blog.

Eyelash extension not only gives extremely sexy eyes but also allow her to feel very best. They also assist in improving their length, thickness and darkness of the eyelashes. There are various kinds of eyelash extensions are available in the market like silk, mink and synthetic hairs but it totally depends on your choice that how you can improve your look of eyes with eyelash extensions or ophthalmic preparations.  

Different types of eyelash extensions-

The primary difference between the lashes depends on their firmness and consistency-

  • Synthetic or silk eyelashes are meant to be heaviest as compared to other mentioned types of extensions.
  • Mink or faux mink lash extensions are thinner and softer than silk and it is very delicate and light as compared to silk eyelash extensions.
  • Faux sables, these eyelash extensions are not recommended to those individuals who have very thin natural eyelashes as it face difficulty in giving the weight to eyelashes.

Note on eyelash extensions-

Several brands offer a wide selection of eyelash extensions including synthetic mink, silk and faux sables. Each kind of eyelashes has its unique benefits and consequences. In general the size availability of eyelash extension are varies. After choosing the suitable eyelash extension, you can easily get beautiful eyelashes. These artificial eyelash extensions are stick to the eyelids with the help of semi-permanent glue, it will quite cause itching and irritation in the eyes.

Cons of artificial eyelash extensions-

  • Artificial eyelashes are very hard and heavy, it can damage your natural eyelashes.
  • It doesn’t remain for long time
  • They are very expensive in nature.
  • Due to heavy weight issues, these tend to lift and flip around the one side of eyes.
  • All eyelash extensions are not perfect to hold the actual shape of eyelashes.
  • At the time of removal of eyelashes, it may cause itching, irritation and redness in the eyes.

But, out of these entire eyelash enhancers, medical treatment like Careprost eye drop is very safe and effective for your eyes. It is a permanent eyelash enhancer and it can’t induce any severe adverse effects. If you are seeking to purchase permanent eyelash enhancer then make an order Careprost online from our drug store at nominal cost.

“For getting the best results of this eye drop, apply it regularly without any gap”.

Know about your drug-

Generic Bimatoprost is a main active constituent available in the Careprost eye drop and it belongs to the family of prostaglandin analogue. Generic Bimatoprost is also accessible in various brands like Lumigan, Latisse and Bimat eye drop. Bimatoprost makes your eyelashes more beautiful and healthy by giving the length, color and darkness to them.

Bimatoprost is also intended to treat the symptoms of glaucoma. It decreases the elevated intraocular pressure inside the eye and avoids the damaging of the optic nerve and moreover, it prevents your loss of appropriate vision.

The given dose of this eye drop is 0.03% and it is to be used every day two times in a day in the case of glaucoma. But, for the hypotrichosis treatment, it should be applied only one time in a day at night before going to sleep.

Step by step instructions for the application of eye drop-

  • It should be always applied with the help of sterile applicator or brush.
  • It should be applied on a daily basis for getting the successful result.
  • Put a one drop of eye medication on sterile applicator and draw a thin line along the margin of the upper eyelids.
  • After 14 to16 weeks, you will surely get darker, longer and healthier eyelashes that create your eyes glossy.

Well known undesirable effects occur while applying Careprost eye drop like itching, irritation, redness, swelling and inflammation of the eyelids. 


  • Properly wash your eyes and remove your eye makeup before applying the eye drop.
  • Remove your contact lens before using the eye drop.
  • Never apply this eye drop in case of eye infection and any kind of eye disorder.
  • Not to be applied by children below the age of 12 years.
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding moms should not apply this eye drop.

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