You were an active person. You used to run kilometers earlier. However, due to your hectic work profile, this habit of yours stopped and you skipped doing running for a long time. But one day you saw an add regarding marathon. You were very much interested in it. Just the day arrived, you started this marathon. It took some hours to complete one stage. Until that everything was all right but as soon you started the next stage, your leg got twisted. Sudden twisting had left you in a painful situation. The pain was so much aggressive that you thought it was a fracture. You trembled to stand; some of your friends helped you to stand up. You wanted to continue this marathon but could not. After few minutes, a doctor came up and informed that it was not a fracture, it was a minute cramp. You were relieved a bit. You persuaded the doctor to help you to get rid of this cramp so that you could continue the marathon. First, he suggested to rest but after your continuous uttering, he suggested Pain O Soma.

When you used Pain O Soma, you were relieved from excessive painful sensations. Within few minute, your pain due to cramp went away and you were back to normal again. After this, you again started running without any interruption. Pain O Soma has worked really well for you in ceasing painful sensations. Pain-O-Soma is the brand drug for generic name Carisoprodol. Pain-O-Soma relieves your discomfort because of muscle spasm or cramp. It functions by showing its effect centrally and impedes you from all sort of muscle pains that are cramps, strains, or spasms. It shows its working by thwarting the transmission of nerve sensations through the site of pain to the brain center. Pain-O-Soma function when you also do mild exercise and rest.

Soma 350mg tablets

Dosing scheme: Pain-O-Soma is much available in pill form and you must take it orally with sufficient water. For abating painful sensation, you need to consume Pain-O-Soma 350 mg tablet thrice per day or 500 mg tablet two times per day. Pain-O-Soma should be taken with or without food. The maximum dose you can take of Pain-O-Soma is up to 1400 mg per day.

Some contradictory factors and precautions to follow with Pain-O-Soma: When you have certain medical problems like epilepsy, seizures, and porphyria, do not use this medication. Prevent yourself from liquor intake before you consume Pain-O-Soma. Stop the usage of Pain-O-Soma when you are allergic to its components. Cease its usage in pregnant ladies and lactating mothers. The dizziness or drowsiness may rise with Pain-O-Soma so before you do any task, you should ask your physician. There are the chances of withdrawal symptoms when you suddenly leave your medication after its long-term use. Tell your doctor if you are suffering from epilepsy, kidney disorder, and liver disorder. Keep Pain O Soma away from small children reach. Do not recommend it to children whose age is below 12 years. Avoid medications that add up sleepiness when you are taking Pain-O-Soma.

Aftermath with Pain-O-Soma: Common side effects with Pain-O-Soma are a sleepiness, dizziness, inaccurate vision, nausea, tremor, headache, confusion, upset stomach, vomiting, chest pain, restlessness, and drowsiness.

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