The word pain derives from the Latin word “poena” means fine or penalty. When anybody is in pain, they are physically and emotionally disturbed. They won’t be able to enjoy a second. Pain comes anytime when you are engaged in doing your activities such as household work, playing, walking etc.Pro Soma is prescribed to treat the bulky agony or harm. This Pro soma is named a muscle relaxant and accordingly shows its activity by blocking nerve motivations in the mind. This tablet is follow up on the cerebrum; chiefly in the focal sensory system or spinal string.

Pain in the muscle is the most common pain such as back pain, joint pain, elbow pain, shoulder pain. Muscle pain generally caused by overuse of muscle, tension and muscle injury due to exercise or other reason. Problem and solution are always proportional to each other. As a result; so many solutions are also available to treat this problem. Muscle pain can be cured bymassaging, bending (little twist), by giving warm therapy and use of painkiller. One of the most user friendly drug Pro Soma is in the lime light.

Pro Soma a potent painkiller, used globally to treat muscle pain. This is used to get instant relief from acute pain, which range from mild to rigorous.

Generic ProSoma contains the Carisoprodol as the active pharmaceutical ingredient. Carisoprodol comes under the group of Muscle relaxant. It helps in terminating pain by acting on the central nervous system of the body and relaxes the muscles. It does not cure the pain, but prevents the awareness of pain, by hindering the communication between the nerves and the brain of the body. It is used for short term (for 2 to 3 weeks) to get relief from the acute pain because when used for long period of time, it induces drug dependence. It is a habit forming drug and it may cause drug dependence on long term use.

Prosoma available in the market in the dose of 350mg and500mg.The choice of the dose depends upon the severity of pain. It is acclaimed to take these tablets by orally with a glass of water, with or without diet. For superlative result, it is taken thrice in a day time andone in a night. It has the potential to show its effects within half an hour and last for 4-6 hours.

While going through the therapy with his drug you may experience some unanticipated result this include wooziness, sleepiness, and headache, uneven heartbeat, and skin allergy such as rash, hives and trouble in breathing.

This drug is not for everybody. Don’t take this drug if you are in the category of enlisting condition:

  • If having sensitivity to generic Carisoprodol or any of its composition.
  • If having a  history of seizure or blood disorder
  •  If having liver or kidney disorder
  • If having a history of drug addiction
  • If you are expecting or breastfeeding
  • Limit the intake alcoholic beverages along with this medicine.
  • Avoid if you are teenage
  • Don’t share your medicine with others.
  • This drug has withdrawal symptoms so; don’t stop the intake of the drug abruptly.
  • Take this drug along with rest and physical exercise.
  • Avoid driving vehicle  as this drug cause sleepiness,
  • Don’t take certain drugs like Narcotic drugs,allergic medicine, sleeping pills; and anti-seizure drug because these drug increases the side effects of carisoprodol.

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