Generic Sildenafil is a wonderful remedy to treat the male sexual dysfunction popularly known as erectile dysfunction. This is the disorder in which man loses his capability to attain a successful penile erection during physical intimacy session. Sildenafil gives a magical relief to man from this disorder.

Due to the various habits like unhealthy life style, poor diet, excessive smoking and drinking, lack of proper nutrition, bad psychology, man becomes a victim of erectile dysfunction which makes him shattered from inside. The dysfunction needs to be cured well. It snatches out the confidence, self-esteem and zeal from the life of a person.

“Sildenafil brings back the lost qualities of man adds enthusiasm in his life and make him able to enjoy his life”

For the treatment of erectile dysfunction, various methods can be adopted such as follow healthy diet, doing exercises, avoid smoking and excessive intake of alcohol. Use of vacuum pumps, penile implants and other mechanical devices are also helpful in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Working of Sildenafil in management of erectile dysfunction:

Sildenafil is an oral preparation used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. It comes under the category of phosphodiesterase type-5 inhibitors. PDE type-5 enzyme is responsible for the degradation of cyclic GMP. Sildenafil inhibits the activity of PDE type-5 enzyme due to which levels of cyclic GMP gets enhanced. Cyclic GMP also gets enhanced when the nitric oxide in the corpus cavernosum binds to the guanylate cyclase receptors. Cyclic GMP is responsible to carry out the contractions and relaxations of blood vessels of the male genital part. Due to the increased blood flow, harder erections achieved.

Method to administer Sildenafil:

The available doses of Sildenafil is 25mg, 50mg and 100mg. Sildenafil therapy should be begin with the dose of 50mg. Not more than a dose should be taken in every 24 hours. The tablet can be taken with or without food. Avoid the high fatty meal while taking the medication because fat decreases the absorption and efficacy of medication. Sildenafil is available in tablet and suspension form.

Brands Available:

Sildenafil is available in various brands like Cenforce, Suhagra, Kamagra, Viagra, and Fildena. These are the potent medications use to treat erectile dysfunction.

Other uses:

Sildenafil is used in the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension also by relaxing the blood vessels of lungs.

After the intake of Sildenafil, some side effects can be observed:

Headache, flushing, indigestion, blocked nose, dizziness. 

Sildenafil is contraindicated into the following conditions:

  • If the patient is having coronary artery disease, renal impairment, cardiac disease and any arrhythmic disease, the medication should not be taken.
  • If the patient is allergic to the medication, avoid taking the medication.
  • If the person is taking nitrate containing medications like nitroglycerine, Sildenafil should not be taken. 

Be aware of the following facts while using Sildenafil:

  • The medication can create dizziness or blurred vision, so avoid driving while taking the medication.
  • The medication is not to be given in females.
  • Sildenafil can affect vision, immediately rush to the doctor if these symptoms appear.
  • If prolonged erections are observed (longer than 4 hours), medication intake should be stopped immediately.
  • Use of any heavy machinery should be avoided while taking Sildenafil. 

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