Abortion means end of pregnancy. Generally there is a natural abortion which occurs due to some undesirable accident. But at the same time it is also possible that somewomen opt to choose abortion. What can be the reason that a woman choose to have abortion? It is obvious that there must be some solid reason that compels a woman to take such step. The answer is it can be due to some financial problem; due to health hazard to baby or mother; or the pregnancy may be due to rape or incest, etc.

It is important that you should take this step very wisely and after proper thinking. The methods available for abortion are surgical method and medical method.

Surgical method:

Surgical method is also for abortion. It is a safe process to end the pregnancy. But the surgical procedure is painful method that involves the use of surgical instruments and anaesthesia. Both these things are sufficient to scare a woman so the medical abortion process is invented to help them in a very easy and effective manner. This method generally requires a vacuum aspiration and suction method to remove the pregnancy. But in this method it is very necessary to visit the doctor and hospital and keeping the privacy of the abortion in this method is not possible.

Medical abortion:

A new and better option for safe abortion is the medical abortion. Medical abortion involves the use of MTP Kit. Medical termination of pregnancy kit is used for the abortion of the early pregnancy that has the duration maximum up to 9 weeks. MTP Kit is composed of 5 pills in a single kit. There is a single pill of mifepristone and other four pills are of misoprostol.

Reasons to choose MTP kit-

  • It can be used when you are in the early phase of pregnancy
  • There is no involvement of the surgical procedure in this method
  • There is no use of anaesthesia
  • This method provides you the full privacy
  • Abortion takes place in natural manner


It is a drug that is commonly acts as abortion inducing agent. It is available in the form of pill. The drug is actually ananti-progesterone pill that is used to cause the deficiency of the progesterone hormonein the body. Thus in this way the foetus gets detaches from the uterine lining.


Misoprostol is a prostaglandin derivative drug thatwhich is responsible to cause the cramping and thus the remains of the pregnancy expel out of the body via the cervix opening. In this way the complete abortion is done.

There are three steps in the medication of MTP kit:

  1. First you will have to take the mifepristone of 200 mg with water.
  2. After two days, you will have to take the misoprostol drug that can be procured either via the oral route or via the vaginal route. The dose of the misoprostol is 200 mcg of each pill (total 800 mcg). If you are using the pill via the vaginal route then use the saline water to avoid any kind of infection.

Precautions to be taken:

  • If you are allergic to either of the drug then do not use it.
  • Pain can be managed with the help of heating pad, or through the use of pain killer.
  • Lifting of the weighted objects should be postponed.
  • Have the ultrasound test to make sure that the abortion is completed.
  • Get sure you are pregnant before using the abortion pill otherwise harmful effects can be seen.

How much it is effective to use MTP Kit?

Almost 97 to 99 percentages of females are responding positively and successfully to the MTP kit.

You can Buy MTP Kit online to abort the pregnancy successfully. The MTP Kit provides the opportunity to females to lead the life happily in their way.