MTP kit or abortion pill is a combo pack of two drug Mifepristone and misoprostol to terminate or end the pregnancy of less than 63 days of gestation period. Abortion is a term used to indicate the end of undesired pregnancy. Abortion for a while just takes the breath of the female away.

Sometime, when the situation is not good for female, then abortion is the best and realistic way to have tension free life. Abortion is done either by surgery and medical method. The surgical abortion is very costly and life threatening for the woman. While with the help of medication, the woman can terminate its undesired pregnancy confidentiality at home. MTP kit is a most trustworthy and safe way to terminate a pregnancy of less than 9 weeks of the gestation period. So buy MTP Kit online from at very resonable prices.

The possible reason for the abortion includes:

  • Health issue of the female and child
  • Victim of rape or incest
  • financial crisis or relationship crisis
  • Laydown of any contraceptive method

MTP Kit (Abortion Pill) is a realistic and confidential approach to terminate the undesired pregnancy. Medical science endeavored many effective abortion pill, but MTP kit is a most demanding kit for abortion, as it is not only economical and effective way but also provide a confidential way to terminate pregnancy. As, in some condition woman like victim of rape, won’t be able to discuss it with anybody. Just with the help of MTP kit they can terminate the pregnancy confidentially.

Some important notes

Before thinking to use MTP kit, women should keep some important tips in their mind like

  • Women should confirm that missing of her menstrual cycle has been just due to pregnancy only. The missing of the menstrual cycle can be occurred due to anemia and hormonal imbalance.
  • The position of the fetus is more important, MTP kit is not at all effective in terminating ectopic pregnancy.
  • remove all the intrauterine device before taking MTP kit
  • nursing mother should not use it, as it may harm the baby

Know the basics of MTP kit

MTP kit is manufactured by Cipla. It is used by female in making the termination of undesired pregnancy of less than 63 days of the gestation period. This kit contains a combination of 2 drug mifepristone and misoprostol. There are total five pills in the MTP Kit. Among this one tablet is of mifepristone (200mg) and four tablets of misoprostol (200mcg). Firstly the woman needs to take unit dose of Mifepristone (200 mg) orally with the help of water. This tablet initiates the process of termination by depriving the oxygen and nutrient supply to the fetus. The female sex hormone progesterone is crucial for the development and, maintenance of the fetus. This drug just obstructs the working of progesterone, by binding itself to the progesterone receptor, so it is also referred as an anti-progesterone drug. After 2-3 days woman should take misoprostol (200mcg) either orally or virginally. This causes the expulsion of the fetus outside the mother’s womb by causing the uterine contraction. Female ought to visit the nearby clinic after 14 days to get conformation of complete termination of pregnancy with the sonograpy and ultrasound. In between these 14 days, women experience sign of bleeding or heavy bleeding, nausea and vomiting. After the abortion, female ought to take complete rest and avoid the intercourse for some days and avoid lifting up the heavy objects.

The woman may face the side effects like cramping, lethargy, weakness, bleeding, Nausea, unsettled stomach, headache.

So MTP kit is a best way to terminate undesired pregnancy safely and securely. To save your money and time, get it online.