Climax spray is a sort of a miracle medicine, which is basically indicated to those men who are facing the problem of premature ejaculation. Without any doubt, we can say that climax spray has long term therapeutic effects and it is useful for numerous guys. Complete and satisfying intimacy session is the backbone of any healthy and happy relationship of couples. This spray helps the men to enjoy complete relationship.

According to a recent survey, climax spray is the most popular sexual wellness product in India. However, it is quite surprising that many guys are using this spray in wrong way and suffer from various adverse effects.

In today's fast moving days, world related tension and anxiety cause vario us issues in men. But, most significant is unhappiness and dissatisfaction in the sexual life of men. Working men and women carry their stress, tension and anxiety at home. Due to these problem, sexual confidence gets shaken and men lose their manhood and incapable to fully satisfy their partner during intercourse. After completing the intimacy session, both partners remain unsatisfied and unhappy.

Know your disease and its causes in detail-

Premature ejaculation is a condition in which men ejaculate the semen before reaching the orgasm. It is also known as early ejaculation, untimely discharge and rapid ejaculation. Emotional factors like anxiety, guilt and depression. Due to premature ejaculation, men are incapable to continue the physical relationship with their partner in sufficient time period.

What is climax spray and how it works?

Generic Lidocaine is a main active component available in this spray and it belongs to the family of local anesthetics. It can easily delay the actions of ejaculation. This spray prolongs the duration of intercourse make sure orgasm of the female partner and overall enhances the sexual satisfaction level of both partners. Ejaculation is a function of supernatural and somatic impulses. PE indicates the gap between a person's expectation and genuine sexual performance. Application of this spray increases the threshold sensitivity to bring slow and lasting satisfaction due to delayed ejaculation. Therefore, this spray helps in improving the quality of sexual activity of both partners.

Buy Climax spray form men online which ensures that a man can last longer from their usual time during physical intimacy, consequently turn into complete satisfaction and easily get the orgasm. It is noticed that, women takes little bit more time to get orgasm or get completely satisfied.

Climax spray is a sort of a miracle medicine, which is basically indicated to those men who are facing the problem of premature ejaculation.

Method of application of climax spray-

  • The first thing, shake the bottle well before use to get effective results.
  • Press the nozzle over the tip of your private part; it should be designed for topical application.
  • Hold the spray from 5 inches away from the private portion.
  • Use the spray for maximum 5 times or minimum 3 times.
  • Wipe out your private part with a clean towel after the penetration.

For the majority of users, this spray acts best when they penetrate 10to15 minutes after the application of this spray. I would recommend you to use this spray before planned physical intercourse.

While application of this spray a man faces lots of adverse effects like itching, irritation, puffiness of private organ, mild burning sensation and redness of private part.

Important safety tips-

  • Never apply this spray, if you are allergic to generic Lidocaine.
  • Organ donor should not apply this spray.
  • If you have any kind of private organ injury or deformity then no need to apply this spray.
  • It is only meant for adults above the age of 18 years.
  • It should be stored away from the open flame as it is highly inflammable in nature.

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