Sibutril is nothing but Sibutramine a generic that helps one to lose diet by suppressing the stimulus of appetite and make one feel like satiate. The Sibutramine is an oral Anorexiant which stops the feel of hunger pangs and acts directly on brain function by stimulating hypothalamic gland thus it become an effective measure to avoid obesity. The medicine is available in dose strength of 15mg and can be taken as adjunct along for the treatment of exogenous obesity along the exercise and dieting.

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A healthy body is wisdom to an individual as a happy soul resides in a happy body.  A diseased person is always in plunder of anomalies and discomfort according to epidemiology almost 64% people in US are considered to be obsessed. Body needs fat for maintaining thermal insulation of body to regularize body functioning and regulation of hormones. Fat helps as a shock absorber in soft and sensitive areas of the body. But as the Fat increases in the body it hinders the locomotion and causes various assisted disease that turns to be lethal. If it comes to men they have high risk of low sperm count and impaired sperm formation. Body become inactive and high cholesterol level increase risk to various disease like Heart disorder, Hepatic disorders and renal failure and arteriole/atherosclerosis and other associated diseases.

One can make it if he/she is obese or not by checking their body mass index, body volume index and simple weighing way other options are also available. The cause of obesity can be either intake of liquor, Eating habit and fast foods, hormonal imbalance like in hypothyroidism.  Obesity can be also due to lack of Poor nutrition and improper diet. One who is lacking physical activity is prone to turn obese.

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Measure to overcome weight is physical exercise and following progressive diet control. One can take green tea and lemon tea for the regulation of weight control even if not satisfied with measure control with Sibutril 15mg.

Sibutramine mode of action on the body the drug acts centrally on the central nervous system and sensory neurons where it increases the amount of Serotonin and nor epinephrine (Neurotransmitters) and stop the reuptake of the neurotransmitters.  Sibutramine thus stops the feeling of hunger to the body. The drug acts more efficient than amphetamine which was used earlier for the same purpose.

The drug Sibutramine should be taken empty stomach before the morning breakfast. One must take the medicine in the morning only. It is a hard gelatin capsule so must be swallowed whole at once, must not be chewed while administration as it may cause the dose dumping and distortion of drug action. Go for medication as adjunct for about 24 months.

Drug intake is restricted in certain place one should have it cautiously:

If the patient is suffering any serious psychological disorder like: Bulimia nervosa, depression and mania. One is having hypersensitivity to the ingredients. Patient below 18 and patient above than 65 years should be refrained from Sibutramine.  Patient having high alcoholism and smoking abuse should remain cut off from the drug. Drug should not be given along the antidepressant or other Central acting drugs.

History of angina or CHF or arrhythmia or stroke should not take the drug. Hyperthyroidism and Glaucoma patients are also not the active candidate for Sibutril. Patients having seizure and pulmonary hypertension or having coronary heart disease, damaged heart valves and history of myocardial infarction. Patient having Prostate problem and urine retention should be refrained. Lactating and pregnant women are also prescribed to stay out of the medication therapy of Sibutril.

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