Neva and her boyfriend had a live-in relationship with her boyfriend. Her boyfriend was jobless, was an alcoholic, and was into gambling. Neva's friends warned Neva about him earlier also but Neva always had the hope that he will recover from his alcoholism. Finally, one night when Neva's boyfriend came home drunk and slapped Neva she decided that it was it! She could not bear this torture every night. She moved out of the house. After one week when Neva was reading the newspaper, she felt queasy in her stomach and she rushed to the washroom. She realized later that she could be pregnant that she eventually found out with pregnancy test kit. There was no going back to her boyfriend, as she clearly had no future with him. So he searched the internet for a solution. She instantly found MTP kit as the 'best method to terminate the pregnancy', she ordered it and used it and eventually ended her unwished gestation.

To know more about MTP kit read on further:

MTP kit is the best method of terminating an unwanted pregnancy of less than 9 weeks. MTP kit is an astounding solution for those women who are apprehensive about the abortive method to choose. MTP kit is a very safe, reliable and secure method to wipe out your solicited pregnancy. MTP kit also offers you the added advantage of privacy as you can use MTP kit at the comfort of your home without the interruption of anyone. MTP consists of two FDA approved medication namely Mifepristone and Misoprostol. Mifepristone belongs to the class of progesterone analog that stops the growth of the fetus by shedding the uterine wall along with the placenta. Mifepristone also softens and dilates the cervix that leads to the easy expulsion of the fetus. Misoprostol, the other medicament in this kit belongs to the class of prostaglandins that induce strong uterine contractions that expel the fetus out from the uterus.

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The dosing plan of MTP kit: MTP kit consists of one tablet of Mifepristone (200mg) and four tablets of Misoprostol (200mcg) accessible in a tablet dosage form.

If you want to carry out an abortion with MTP kit, take one tablet of Mifepristone orally, with an ample amount of water. After two days, take four tablets of Misoprostol as a single dose, either orally or vaginally. On the 14th day of treatment with MTP kit, get yourself examined for the complete termination of pregnancy.

Noxious effects of MTP kit: The commonly seen noxious effects of MTP kit are nausea, vomiting, dizziness, drowsiness, stomach cramps, pelvic pain, heavy vaginal bleeding, stomach upset and diarrhea.

Precautionary measure to be taken with MTP kit:

  • Using MTP is inadvisable if you are allergic to any of the components of this medication.
  • Performing strenuous tasks or driving is inadvisable while using MTP kit.
  • Do not use MTP kit if you have an ectopic pregnancy.
  • Remove any intrauterine device before using the MTP kit.
  • Do not use MTP kit if you are suffering from any bleeding disorder or disorders of heart, liver or kidney.
  • A woman below the age of 18 years should not use MTP kit.

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