This is the story of a small town girl who came to the city with dreams in her eyes to become a top model. She had a very pleasing personality and facial features and when talks about the body, it was so curvaceous and sensuous enough to blow the mind of any men. Earlier she used to hesitate in flaunting her curves in front of the camera but after getting proper guidance, she was doing that beautifully. The professional photography trainers counseled her how to walk, talk, smile and pose in front of the camera. She was working hard, day and night to make all the said changes in her personality and qualify the final round of her training so that she can successfully apply in the coming model professional photo shoot for the company's product. The happiness knocks her door in the form of a call letter from a top class company for the photo shoot of their product, which was totally eye-specific; actually, the model has to shoot for the product known as "eye lenses" for the company renowned and reputed in the market for their product since last 10 years. This news has put all her happiness in vain, as she was not having a good eyelash. The hair of her eyelash was thin, lesser in number and very light in color. The only thing that was not beautiful in her body was her eyelash, which also put the beauty of her eyes to a lower level. The mentor of the girl has advised her to use the Careprost eye drop to avail beautiful, long, dark and denser eyelashes and boosts up her confidence too.

Mode of action of Careprost eye drop:

Careprost is just not an eye drop it is a miraculous treatment to boost up the length and density of eyelashes. It works by enhancing the anagen phase or decreasing the telogen phase of hair growth cycle. This process improves the thickness, length, and color of the hair. The medicine works extremely well in treating glaucoma by draining the excess amount of aqueous humor out of the eye and further lowers down the Intra Ocular Pressure build up in the eyes. Thus, prevents the optic nerve from being injured.

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How to use Careprost eye drop:

Take one drop of Careprost medication containing Bimatoprost as an active therapeutic ingredient over the applicator brush and apply the same by soft hands slowly and steadily, starting from the inner corner of an eye to the outer one. It is mandatory to apply Careprost only on the edges of the eyes and keep your eyes closed for a minimum duration of 1 to 5 minutes. The effective time of the medication is about 7-8 weeks but one should continue the therapy for a duration minimum up to 16 weeks. Glaucoma is also a major disease that can be cured by instilling the single drop of Careprost in the eyes.

Side effects Careprost eye drop:

The commonly associated side effects with Careprost medication are redness, itching, Inflammation, swelling of the eyelid, dryness, blurred vision, edema, and conjunctivitis.

Precautionary measures:

  • The patient should maintain a gap of at least 10 minutes is between two different medications instilled for getting relief from different disease.
  • Always instill medication after removing the eye lenses or other makeup from the eyes.
  • In case you are allergic to Careprost, omit the use of this eye drop.
  • Do not instill the medication in your eyes if you are have undergone any surgery or has overcome from any infection recently.

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