Eyes are the most attractive and appealing feature of the face, just like lips, they can't speak but can communicate more and in a way better than lips. They speak the truth, never hide things and can't lie like our tongue. They never ditch from their expressions just our face can do. That is why eyes are given the most appreciating title, "window to the soul".

Eyelashes are the crowns to eyes that not just protect the eyes from falling anything that can harm them but make the eyes look magnificent. Daily we spend almost half an hour to make our eyes look gorgeous by applying cosmetics like mascara, kajal, liner, glisters, shadow, false lashes and various different colored lenses.

What if, we have naturally beautiful eyes, yes it is possible! From the time, nude look hits the doors of the fashion industry; many CELEBRITIES evaded the usage of cosmetics such as shadow & glitter but prefer to go natural with long eyelash, are still in fashion!......& will be forever!!!

Oh! Natural means - "natural" in all sense.......then why to wear the load of false eyelashes and putting that sticky gum onto the eyelid. Will be blessed, if anybody can take me out this sticky gum and lashes...........this is what every women heart cries out!

Medicine Careprost Eye drop is the one that can give you the same you desire. Umm!...long, lavishing, & darker eyelash not for temporary use but as a permanent cure to the hypotrichosis of your eyelash that you can wear for all 24 hours-day and night.

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Careprost medicine, generic and active ingredient Bimatoprost is also an effective cure for open-angle glaucoma of eyes along with cure to hypotrichosis. Its usage drains the excess of fluid that was retained behind the eyes to prevent the optic nerves from damage and curing glaucoma but lengthen & darken your eyelash via stretching the Anagen phase & shortening the Telophase of hair growth cycle. When bind to Prostaglandin receptors medicine dilate the dermal papilla & speeds up the synthesis of melanin concentration so gives the patient, "An eyes with long, dark & thick eyelash". These are enough to attract many eyes on to them & that too without any makeup! I can bet this to you.....................

To apply Careprost wash your hands and face, let them dry. Put a drop over the applicator brush and strike a line to the upper eyelid from the inner corner to the outer edge. Now, close your eyes and let the Bimatoprost solution to spread to the lower eyelid, wipe out excess with a clean tissue paper and go to sleep. This therapy takes time of min 12-16 weeks to re-grow and make the eyelash hairs denser, thicker and darker.

Side effects that might develop in some individuals after using Careprost medicated solution are as following a blurry vision, dryness, iris pigmentation, increased sensitivity towards light, mild irritation headache, a mild sense of warmth at the applied area, darkening of the skin around the eyes. These side effects are short term.

As an advisory person must take out contact lenses from their eyes if wears, so that the leaching does not occur on addition of Careprost eye drop. Maintaining a gap of 10-15 minutes is crucial between two different medicines being used for getting the different therapeutic effect. Children under 15 years and women nursing their kids, some pregnant and geriatric people should not use Careprost eye drop without seeking the advice of a physician. Patients allergic or having any infection, injury or undergone any surgery of eye must not use this medication.

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