The face is one of the most important organs in the body, which acts like a mirror and play a significant role in expressing the personality. Therefore, almost everyone wants to look beautiful and attractive. This is not about black or white skin it's about the appearance, features, personality etc. Therefore, eyelash plays a significant role in making your personality more beautiful and attractive. Unfortunately, everyone is not having long, thick, dark and dense eyelashes as there are many women who do not have same eyelashes. These women feel lack of confidence particularly in parties, family functions or interacting with new people. Though, they use fake eyelashes or mascara and other methods to get the long and thick eyelashes. These are an ineffective or inappropriate method and for a temporary basis and may be annoying as to use fake eyelashes you have to give several hours and can cause irritation in the eyes. However, long, dark and dense eyelashes can be accomplished with the help of a medication called as Careprost Eye drops.

Careprost Eye drops is a proficient medication commonly used to get long, dark and dense eyelashes. The regular use of this medication will naturally enhance your eyelashes and make them stronger and beautiful. This is an ophthalmic solution to be used in the eyelashes and it contains generic Bimatoprost as the major active constituent. Generic Bimatoprost is a category of medication known as prostaglandin analog works wonders. This medication shows action upon the growth of anagen phase of hair follicle of an eyelash. It works by enhancing the length of an eyelash. Moreover, it fastens up the number of hairs in each growth phase of hair follicles. This medication may take about four weeks time and for complete growth, it may take 16 weeks time. Order Careprost Plus Eye Drops Online from our portal - Chemist247Online and get exciting offers and discounts on delivery.

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The dosing direction of eye drops:

Before application of this medication take out spectacles if you are using and you are advised to wash your hand and face with the help of water to remove the contamination. The eye drop contains a fine brush take it and put a little amount of medication on the fine brush. Gently start applying the medication on the base of eyelashes of both the eyes. After applying the medication close your eye for some duration so that solution gets applied over the lower eyelashes also. With the help of cotton cloth or tissue paper remove extra fluid around the eye.

Side effects Of Careprost Eye Drops: some unwished effects may likely to occur such as eye, vision changes, and sensitivity towards the light, dryness, burning sensation in an eye, itching of an eye, redness, eye discharge, and darkening of eyelid skin.
Preventive measures while using Careprost Eye drops:


  1. While using the medication do not touch the tip of the applicator as well as the bottle, as it can cause contamination of the whole solution.
  2. If you have to use any other eye drop stay for at least for 10-15 min after application of this medication and use the only sterile applicator to prevent contamination.
  3. Do not use if you are allergic to any constituent in the eye drop and talk to the doctor if are suffering from any eye injury or any eye inflammation recently or in past, eczema and any other severe medical conditions.

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