Bimat eye drop is an effective medication for increased ocular pressure or ocular hypotensive which is caused due to glaucoma. Bimat is having active drug Bimatoprost which is a structural similar to prostaglandin it mimics natural occurring prostamide. Bimatoprost is helpful in lowering IOP in humans through increased movement of (outflow) from Trabecular meshwork and uveoscleral canals. Increased IOP increases the risk of optic nerve damage and gradual vision loss. To mitigate glaucoma one should approach Bimat eye drop. Bimat helps you to treat open angle type glaucoma. Buy Bimat eye drop online and save your vision.

Eyes are sensory organ it helps and guides you by visualization, other than this eye plays vital role in characterization of individual. While you express informal way without speaking and showing contact of eye explains confidence. While communicating if one has any inflammation of eye he feels incomplete at the moment, and any anomaly can make you feel low esteemed if you have disorder of gradual loss of lashes and vision can make you disable from confidence and functioning. Point is one should be concerned for his looks along the functioning go working.

Drug acts by following way:

The drug is prostaglandin analogue which decreases the (IOP) Intra ocular pressure in eyes by increasing flow of liquid i.e. aqueous humor, while it decreases the pressure it also increases the hair growth phase of eye lashes. Thus it is effectively used for the treatment of glaucoma and hypotrichosis. A single drop of preparation is applied at the base of eye lash with the help of applicator.

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How to use Bimat eye drop:

One may use the drug to the effected eye, once in evening or as directed. While application one should wash hands and maintain hygiene while using the medicament, to avoid contamination. Do not touch the tip of the dropper or tip of dropper should not touch the surface of eye. Bimat contains various ingredients which may cause staining of the lenses, if patient is using contact lenses; remove the lenses before instilling the medication. If patient is using more than one medication for eye drop at least maintain time gap of 15 minutes in each dosing use eye drop first and ointment at the last. One can put back the contact lenses after 15 minute of medication. Buy Bimat eye drop online at reasonable price.

How to instill the drug:

Tilt head back while leaning back and looking upward. Pull the lower eyelid and drop eye drop directly over your eyes and close eyes slowly. Do not blink and do not rub your eyes. Repeat these steps for your other eye if so directed. Do not rinse the dropper or replace the dropper cap after each use, close the cap tightly back.

Points to take care while using the drug Bimat eye drop:

Drug contains preservatives like benzalkonium chloride, which may get you into problem if you haven't dropped your contact lenses and use contact lenses 15 minute later after application of drops. If one suffering eye problems other than glaucoma like macular edema, iritis and uvetis or lens extraction or surgeries.

Side effects of Bimat eye drop:

Difficult breathing, or swelled face or tongue or throat can be experienced generally. Some serious side effects like itching and pain around eyes or discharge are also experienced in certain conditions. Light sensitivity or vision change or dizziness along redness and inflammation can also be seen in certain patients.

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