Have you ever made a cartoon sketch? In those cartoon sketches, the most differentiating point between the girls and boys is their eyelashes. Females have eyelashes that sprout from rim to outwards in deep black rays. Men also do have but smaller than females. Now see the importance of an eyelash.

Check watch fashion TV, you will see different models ramp walking on the stage. The camera takes the angle first on their clothes than on their face. People like us who are watching on TV first notice their eyes. See how beautiful their eyelashes are made but they are all artificial and are for the time being for stage performance. Once the show ends, makeup is washed away and if you go to look them back stages, those models will look horrible in their original attire.

Check out posters of actors and actresses. When we put our eyes on them, first thing, we observe is their eye beauty but that too is fake, not natural.

Girls do want to have permanent eyelashes that will not go away after washing. They want a perfect solution for increasing their eye beauty. Not only you but everyone has a fascination for their eyes. To make your eyes beautiful, enrich your eyelashes stronger and denser with CAREPROST EYE DROPS. This is the ultimate solution for making your eye beautiful. Just follow its exact dosage and do not stop using in between. After using those eye drops, you will attain deep black and long lashes that will make you easy to let your loved one fall in love with you. Remember eyes are the way to heart so do not ignore its beautification, keep Careprost with you.

Careprost eye drops have unique constituent as Bimatoprost. This is a prostaglandin analog. To accelerate the growth of eyelash, use this product. Our hair cycle has three stages Anagen, Catagen, and Telogen. This solution works on Growth phase of hair by raising the length of eyelash and then it speeds up the number of eyelashes. Buy Careprost - Bimatoprost Eye Drops Online from our portal - Chemist247Online.Net


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There is a way to use this solution. First, squeeze out a little drop over the applicator side and then brush your above eyelashes with an applicator. Close your eyes and allow the solution get applied to lower eyelashes. Remove excess of the solution with tissue paper. Within 6 to 12 weeks you will see change in your eyelashes.

Use once within a day before sleeping at nighttime.

DO NOT USE if you have below-mentioned conditions:


  1. In case of hyperallergic reaction to its ingredients
  2. In case of surgery or an eye inflammation

Remember some safety advice and keep following those:


  1. Clean or wash your hands before and after using this product.
  2. Do not touch the tip of applicator or eye drop bottle.
  3. Use sterile applicator for application.
  4. Before use, take your contact lens out of your eyes and you can again put them back after 15 minutes of eye drop use.
  5. Maintain 5 minutes time between two different eye drops.

Just be cautious about some after effects and report to your doctor. After effects such as redness, feeling of something inside an eye, eye discharge, itching, dryness of an eye, sensitivity towards the light, darkening of eyelid skin, and burning feeling of an eye may occur.