The best tool to measure the sensual performance between the couple is measured by individual's performance in bed, the moves they choose to please each other, how well they understand each other in bed, how they deal with their partner's mood, how they accomplish their partners cravings and satisfy their personal fantasies keeping in mind the each other comfort zone.

Any wrong gesture or any misbehavior in bed will make a false image of yours in the eyes of your girl and she will treat you wrong which in actual you don't deserve to be treated. Just because you can't keep your erection sturdy for the time to give her intimate pleasure that accomplishes her desires--- you often get drifted to wrong path and poses which make her hurt not in emotions but in physical too. Your minor faults and ignorance to her gestures in bed can injure your mutual beliefs, respect, and love for each other.

So, don't let your marriage suffer! Don't let your partner develop misbelieve or distrust for you! Don't let any incapability of you to hinder intimate fun within you! Get up! Don't lose your hopes...! Though flaccid erection and repetitive failure in fulfilling the intimate desires of your partner is a sensual shortcoming which is known by the name "Erectile Dysfunction" but worry not disease might be complicated but its treatment is not!

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Disorder ED has varied range of treatments available like penile self-injections, external vacuum pumps, medicated urethral system, internal penile pump (IPP) or inflatable implant are some methods that are effective to treat your condition but these are long, painful and expensive process so do there any method available that gives instant effect, painless & cheap in price--Yes! It is possible with Filagra medications. Yes, a medicine that has a USFDA approved generic Sildenafil is capable of treating your disorder of ED and empowering you to attain an erection, which is sturdy and awesome in measurements within an hour of swallowing the pill.

Filagra pills are readily accessible in the market in strengths 50mg & 100mg that you can take as per your physician prescription. The patient needs to swallow the dose with colossal water an hour before pursuing coitus can be either with meals or without meals. Once you gulp this dosing the effect of same can be seen in your organ for 4-5 hours.

Medicine when goes inside your blood it makes your PDE5 enzyme function shut thus level of cGMP in men penile tissues goes up. Nitric Oxide, NO is the iconic chemical which the men releases in the body when he gets stimulated to make physical love that further shoots the concentration of cGMP in blood. To produce an effect called vasodilation and relaxation in penile tissues and vessels. Thus enables a larger amount of blood to disseminate in the groin region and later invites a really strong, wider and harder erection in men organ with which he can make many intimate sessions to max 5-6 hours.

A temporary side effect that might annoy the man-taking dose of Filagra includes stuffy nose, headache, sore throat, pain in the back, shivering in muscles, rash in the skin and slight pain in at the time of erection.

Caution that man must take with Filagra medications is not to doubly take the pills. Have to avoid alcohol, smoke, grapefruit juice, fatty foods and use of recreational drugs or medicines that have nitrates moiety in them.

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