A touch up in your eyelashes is must for a complete eye makeup. Eyelashes are a dynamic part of your eye. They frame your eye and pulls attention to face, giving your eyes an attractive look and your eyes turn to be even more beautiful. That is why almost every women dream to have extensive lashes. But regrettably, not all of us are blessed with extended and bushy eyelashes. If you do not have long eyelashes naturally, you should need to work to make your eyelash look longer. Can you make your eyelashes grow lengthier than ever before?

Many women desire for valiant, attractive and erotic eyelashes. Particularly the fashion of having long and mesmerizing eyelashes is in trend. So, pretty ladies!!! Why don’t you go for such an option for increasing the volume and strength of your eyelash if you don’t have thick and long eyelash. There is a whole range of artificial lash extension products available in the market, but it is most important to identify a good product that can manage your natural growth of eyelash.

Careprost Plus or Generic Bimatoprost is one such perfect solution for the immense growth of eyelash and solving the problems of hypotrichosis

Careprost Plus or Generic Bimatoprost is one such perfect solution for the immense growth of eyelash and solving the problems of hypotrichosis i.e. a condition in which growth of hair decreases. Apart from hypotrichosis treatment, Careprost Plus can also be used for treating glaucoma or managing eye pressure.

How to administer Careprost Plus?

One drop of Careprost Plus solution is administered on a liquid eyeliner cartridge. A line is drawn along the upper eyelid, and the excess liquid is removed. This procedure is repeated on other eye as well. Do not put this eye drop to the bottom eyelid. Careprost solution (Ophthalmic Bimatoprost) is applied one time in a day. Outcomes can generally be seen after two months of use, though it typically takes three to four months to reach the desired effects. Once you achieve the desired length or thickness, apply it one time in a week to maintain this length. If you absolutely stop using Careprost Plus, your eyelashes will return to their earlier state. It should be applied with care and not be applied to the other parts of the face. The additional solution should be wiped out. NOTE: Make sure your hands are clean and ensure a proper washing of your hands and nails with a disinfectant.

Careprost Plus or Bimatoprost is also a chemical agent, thus it will also produce some side effects like any other medicine, which may be affect the patient: dry eyes, dizziness, eye burning feeling, vision disturbances, irritating feeling, darkened eyelashes, conjunctivitis and conjunctival edema, pigmentation in iris, watering or discharge from the eye and dry eyes. Also signs of an allergic reaction are observed including swelling, redness, skin rashes, chest pain, along with difficulty in breathing or swallowing. Thus always contact your doctor if you get any of these symptoms before they get worse.


  • Careprost Plus (Bimatoprost) if used for a long time, can progressively change the eye colour of treated eyes to brown, these changes may be permanent. Thus it should be carefully administered and it is important to use these eye drops on both the eyes so that if any change occur, it occurs in both the eyes.
  • Every time remove your contact lenses if you wear before using Careprost Plus as lens may cause unpredicted eye complications.
  • These drops should be administered in children less than 18 years of age.
  • Do not use this drug if you are pregnant or lactating.
  • Also tell your doctor if you are suffering from or ever had any type of glaucoma, viral eye infections, dry eye, conjunctivitis, eye inflammation, asthma, hypotension, diabetic retinopathy, reduced kidney function, or harshly decreased liver function.
  • Use of products containing caffeine like tea or coffee, cigarettes, alcohol should be avoided along with this medicine.

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