Every relationship involves both physical and emotional types of bonding and if any one of them is missing, then in that case a relationship does not last for long. Hence, men suffering from erectile dysfunction face problems in their relationships. This often leads to frustration and irritation among men, which can eventually lead to depression and anxiety.  Some men also feel ashamed and humiliated that they are not able to satisfy their partners sexually.

Erectile dysfunction can occur in any age group, but its prevalence increases as the age of the man increases.  Erectile dysfunction occurs when a man is not able to get and/or sustain erection for a satisfactory love making. Signs of ED include inability to have a satisfactory penile erection, erection not steady enough for penetration, or erection occurs, but not able to retain for the duration of sexual intercourse.

According to international studies, 35-40% of men have erectile dysfunction at the age of 42 years and 65-70% of men have erectile dysfunction at the age of 65 years and above.

There can be factors that can cause  Erectile dysfunction are like Diabetes Mellitus (Type1 and type 2), Chain Smoking, Alcohol consumption,  substance abuse, High or low blood pressure, depression, anxiety,  low levels of testosterone and other hormonal imbalances, vascular disorders,  circulatory disorders and  physical injury.

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Penile erection is a process which involves the relaxation of smooth muscles of blood vessels. When the person is sexually aroused, nitric oxide is released, which activates certain enzymes, resulting in increased synthesis of cyclic Guanosine Monophosphate (cGMP).The cGMP leads to increase of blood flow in the required areas resulting in erection. The activity of cGMP is controlled by Phosphodiesterase type 5 enzymes (PDE type 5).  Valif 20mg contains generic Vardenafil which inhibits the action of PDE type 5. It leads to increase in the amount of cGMP and hence erection.

Avoid Valif 20mg in the below mentioned situations:-

  • If a person is allergic to generic Vardenafil.
  • In case you are taking alpha blockers, avoid the use of Valif as it can lead to fall in blood pressure.
  • Nitroglycerin leads to increase in the amount of NO which in combination with Valif can cause low blood pressure and hypotension. Hence, avoid taking them together.
  • Non- prescription drugs, herbal drugs and nutritional supplements can interfere with its working.

Valif 20mg is to be taken at least half an hour before the intercourse. Because sexual arousal is essential to initiate the release of NO, the blockage of PDE type 5 has no effect in the absence of sexual stimulation. Don’t take Valif more than once in a day as overdosing may cause undesirable effects.

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Valif 20mg is a safe and effective drug for ED but it has got some short term side effects which include gastrointestinal problems; flushing of the face; rashes and itching on the skin; nasal congestion; difficulty in breathing; chest pain; pain in the back; temporary auditory loss; painful and prolonged penile erection; respiratory disorders and swelling of the lips, tongue and face.

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A few safety tips for the use Valif 20mg:-

  • The user should avoid driving after taking Valif as it may cause dizziness and drowsiness.
  • Do not include grape juice in your diet as it may hinder the performance of the drug.
  • Avoid foods rich in fatty acids as they interfere with its action.
  • Do not smoke, consume alcohol or drugs as they decrease the performance of the drug and may potentiate its side effect.
  • Valif should be stored properly under hygienic conditions. It should be kept away from the reach of children and pests.