Incompleteness in anything can never satisfy any person and when it comes to beauty especially then women are mostly in the same category. The graceful living is must for everyone nowadays and it is not a status symbol but a healthy living is essential for everyone. Even a simple living with dapper living is appreciated more than the one with layers of makeup.

Sometimes you do not need makeup because natural beauty is something that cannot be explained and replaceable. Hence, if you want to boost your beauty then the first thing that comes to mind is your eyes, which are the first mode of communication and connection. When your eyes are equipped with long and dark eyelashes then it not only intensifies the magic of natural elegance but also helps to improve the protection of eyes. For attaining the same, you can easily use Careprost eye drop, which is remarkable for making your deficient eyelashes to be full.

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Careprost Eye Drops Description:

Careprost eye drop is an ophthalmic formulation manufactured early for treating glaucoma only but later FDA has approved this as an effective remedy for making your short and deficient eyelashes to be long, thick and dark. Thus, helps in treating the short eyelash condition of Hypotrichosis or Madarosis.

Careprost eye drop is made for generic Bimatoprost, which is a prostaglandin analog that helps to lengthen the anagen phase of growth and reduces the telogen phase of rest. This helps in keeping the hair follicles in the growth phase for longer duration in order to increase the length, thickness, and darkness of eyelashes. In addition, for treating the condition of glaucoma, Careprost eye drop helps to maintain the inside pressure in eyes due to aqueous humor.

The way to use Careprost eye drop:

Careprost eye drop is an ophthalmic solution that is used externally at the margin of eyelashes. Careprost eye drop bottle is provided with an applicator for the application of a solution or you can use a clean and dry eyeliner brush. Thus, place a drop of Careprost at the tip of the applicator or brush. Then draw a line using this drop at the margin of the upper lash line only and not at the lower one as it meets when you close the eyes. Wipe the excess of liquid else, it may cause the growth of unwanted hair. Use Careprost eye drop only for one time daily during the evening before going to bed in both eyes. For glaucoma condition, use Careprost eye drop as recommended.

Make sure to remove contact lenses and makeup before applying Careprost eye drop else, these can lead to interaction and can make your eye condition worse. If you need to reinsert the lenses then maintain the gap of 15minutes after using Careprost eye drop. Use Careprost eye drop only for once daily for the duration of 12-16weeks, overuse cannot show the fast result.

Users may observe some brief side effects while using Careprost eye drops such as irritation or redness in eyes, iris pigmentation, blurred vision, dizziness, increased sensitivity to light, and a mild sense of burning at the applied area. Hence, use of Careprost eye drop require some safety precautions as following-

  • Careprost should not be used if you have any allergic reaction to any ingredient of this eye drop.
  • You should not use Careprost eye drop during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  • Children and geriatric people should not use Careprost eye drop.
  • You should not use any other medication while using Careprost eye drop or maintain the gap of 15minutes between usages of two.
  • If you have any other medical complication, then do not use Careprost eye drop prior consultation.

Store Careprost eye drop at cool temperature away from direct sunlight and moisture. Buy Careprost eye drop online at nominal rates from our drug portal with fast home shipping option.