It is also crucial at the time of pregnancy to consider the choice of a pregnant woman if she is ready or not for bringing up her child into the world. It also has been seen in many cases that sometimes women are forced by their spouse or even by their family members to continue their pregnancy when they own self are not ready to do so. It is not mandatory that a response of elation is the very first response of every woman when she gets news of her pregnancy. On contrary, a woman may feel disturbed or distressed if she does not feel ready to carry on her pregnancy or if her pregnancy occurs at a time which is completely out of her set goals or plans.

A similar incidence happened with Liz who about a year ago gave birth to her first baby boy and became distressed founding herself pregnant again within 1 year of her first delivery. She never planned to get her second pregnancy that much early, as she was already finding herself busy in taking care of her first baby. After thinking a lot, she talked to her spouse and family members that she was not feeling ready to give birth to her second child. To this, they forced Liz to continue her pregnancy, however, after 2-3 weeks she started feeling too much sick and disconsolate. For her check up when she went with her husband to the doctor, she discovered that she was weak and the doctor also said her that if she continues her pregnancy then it might possible that she will face more complications in her pregnancy. The doctor suggested her to abort her early pregnancy via the medical method of abortion using RU486. She devoured RU486 pills, which within a couple of days annihilated her pregnancy and also allowed her to take care her baby simultaneously.

RU486 pill is the phenomenal abortion pill used to cease an unwanted pregnancy of not more than 7 weeks (49 days). This is the most opted abortion pill, having generic Mifepristone, which grants women to annihilate her undesired gestation at the restfulness of her home and without enduring any pain.

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Mifepristone is a progesterone antagonist thus, it functions through hindering the supply of progesterone hormone in the female body that is crucial for the sustenance of pregnancy. By resisting the progesterone hormone, it obstructs deliverance of blood, oxygen, and nutrients to the fetus and hence impedes fetal growth, which ultimately causes the fetus to die.

Dosing Schedule to be followed with RU486 is such as ingestion of three pills of Mifepristone having dose strength of 200mg on an empty stomach with a glassful of water. After leaving a space of two days after ingesting your first pills, you need to have an ultrasound examination at the clinic for confirming abortion. If the report indicates that abortion is incomplete then ingest two pills of Misoprostol (200mcg each) either through vaginal or oral route. Again leaving a gap of two days after ingesting second pills, you need to visit a doctor to get verify a complete abortion.

Annoying effects that you might get while using RU486 are such as tiredness, stomach cramp or pain, nausea, diarrhea, headache, vaginal bleeding, back pain, and giddiness.

Some cautionary steps to be taken with RU486 include dropping consumption of grapefruits, grape juices, and alcohol. Women with an ectopic pregnancy or having pregnancy exceeding 49 days and with hypersensitivity to Mifepristone are not suggested to take this pill. Always remember to withdraw intrauterine device earlier putting RU486 Pills.

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