Caroline after attending her college farewell party came to her home for the vacations. At one morning, she got vomiting, feeling severe headache, and weariness. She ignored them just by thinking that it was a just weakness. However, she got scared when she did not get her periods during that month. She brings out pregnancy kit, which displayed positive results. She got appalled while seeing that and commenced crying. She became perplexed to what to do as she was with her parent at that time and it would be going to be too difficult to hide her pregnancy from them. Somehow, she gathered the courage to speak out to her mother regarding her pregnancy.

Caroline was a brilliant and disciplined girl throughout her school and college life. However, it was her peers who just compelled her to booze excessive alcohol while their party. When her mother came across her pregnancy, she got disappointed, as she never expected this from her. When she asked Caroline, who had done this?

She replied, "I don’t know, I drank too much and got unconscious and next morning found myself in my hostel room."

She has no idea who had done this to her and now she could not do anything with that. She cried a lot and did not tell anything to her mother. Her mother ordered Korlym abortion pills and after their arrival gave Caroline to consume them for accessing abortion, as it was the only option left. Caroline took Korlym abortion pill, as she wanted to execute her unwished pregnancy in a confidential way. After two days of Korlym consumption, she successively aborted her unwed pregnancy.

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What is Korlym?

Korlym is the compelling abortion pill used for the conclusion of unwanted pregnancy. It comprises of generic Mifepristone as its main dynamic moiety and it is applicable for the annihilation of pregnancy in the first trimester. It has become the most popular abortion pill among women as it is an invasive technique and does not require a frequent hospital visit or hospitalization.

The active moiety Mifepristone (antiprogestin) illustrates its action by acting as a selective antagonist of progesterone. It curbs the supply of progesterone hormone, which is decisive for the endurance of pregnancy as it contributes oxygen and nutrients to the rising fetus. Hindrance of this hormone ceases the supply of nutrients and oxygen to the fetus leading to the death of the fetus.

Dosing Regimen of Korlym:

Korlym tablets is a collection of three pills of Mifepristone (200mg). A woman ought to take these three pills via mouth with an abundant amount of water. She has to visit the doctor to get surety of the abortion, via having ultrasonography test after a pair of days of Mifepristone consumption. If abortion is not successful and pregnancy still exists then she ought to consume two pills of Misoprostol (200mcg). These pills can be taken by her either vaginally or orally. Then again, she has to take a follow up with the doctor to get the assurance of her complete abortion via having an ultrasound examination.

Korlym medicine may cause a woman to experience some malicious side effects like as of nausea, dizziness, weariness, heavy vaginal bleeding, stomach cramping or pain, back pain, and headache.

Be attentive:

A woman has to first pull out her intrauterine device before going to use Korlym pills. Women should not uplift any heavy machine; perform swimming and strenuous exercise while using Korlym medicine.  Women should evade alcohol, grapefruits, and junk foods utilization while using Korlym. If a woman having hypersensitivity to Mifepristone then she must escape abortion with Korlym. It is not indicated for the execution of an ectopic pregnancy or a pregnancy that has exceeded 49 days.

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