The brain plays a major role in the central nervous system when it comes to understanding the ejaculation and a large part of the cerebral cortex is involved in it. .The average ejaculation time which is seen in­ men is 5-7 minutes after penile-vaginal intercourse.  But when we take into account of the desires and those of their partners in some cases 10 minutes is also a common intravaginal ejaculation which has been stated. In most of the cases, it is hard to get the cause of the premature ejaculation. Man learns to delay the orgasm with sexual experience and age. Sometimes it may occur, when you perform the sexual activity with a new partner only in certain sexual situation. It may also occur when there is a big gap between two ejaculations. Unhealthy relation or any confusing state towards your partner may also cause premature ejaculation. There are some psychological factors which may affect the ejaculation time such as anxiety, depression and guilt. It is also found that some disorders like hormonal imbalance, injury or a side effect of medicines may also lead to the premature ejaculation. It can affect the life of both the partners as it occurs without the person’s wish with minimal sexual stimulation. It can occur before the penetration or just after the penetration so it is always better to cure it on time otherwise it may lead to sexual failure. The whole process of human orgasm is diverse in nature as it involves psychological responses during sexual activity which includes relaxed state of erection created by prolactin.

Climax Spray contains Lidocaine which is the active ingredient and is also called delayed action spray.  Climax spray is an aerosol spray which is used by men for topical application.  So when Climax spray is sprayed on extra sensitive organ it is believed to increase the sensitivity threshold and hence is responsible for controlling the erectness and the ejaculation. Climax Spray alters the sensitivity threshold and thereby prolongs the duration of sexual intercourse ensuring orgasm of the female partner. The climax spray ensures enhanced satisfaction level is experienced by both the partners. Climax Spray is an external use preparation. Climax spray contains Lidocaine and is used to treat the premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. These sprays contain Lidocaine which works by desensitizing the penis. Lidocaine is believed to inhibit the ionic fluxes or sensitize the neuronal membrane. It is required for the initiation and conduction of impulses. The onset of action lie between 3 to 5 minutes and it is applied on the top and shaft of the penis

Climax spray passes the penis skin with great ease which shows its permeability is permeable and very soft. It is absorbed at much higher rate through the skin of the penis. Lidocaine is not only used to treat premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction but also it is potent local anesthetic which is used in minor surgeries as local anesthesia. It also helps to relieve itching, burning and pain from skin inflammation when applied topically. Buy Climax Spray Online and remove the problem of premature ejaculation.

There are some precautions which need to be taken when using Climax sprays.

  • One should not use this spray if he is hypersensitive to Lidocaine or any other ingredient.
  • When you have problems involving slower heart rate stop using Climax spray.
  • In case of kidney or liver disease, you should talk to your doctor before applying it.
  • You should not use this spray if you are having painful erection.
  • There are several side effects which include conditions as anxiety, drowsiness, nervousness, confusion, loss of consciousness, respiratory depression etc.