It is rare that men divulge their secrets to women of their life and when it comes to sexual dysfunction of erectile failure then it becomes even more difficult for men to discuss. A man arouses just with your touch, feel, and sense and this all only you want. However, a satisfactory sexual session is a contribution of both the partners. If somehow female is less in action then male partner fulfills it by making his lady aroused and active. Although, women keep secrets but she describes her every desire while making love. However, when the male partner is lagging in the sexual relationship then he starts feeling anxious and depressed in his performance and does not talk with her partner. This makes him a low-confident man, but you can gift him a wonderful medical help by the name of Cenforce, which helps to boost your partner's erectile organ. Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is a condition in which men are unable to attain and sustain the hard erection while making love.

Cenforce 150 mg

Hence, when you male partner refuses to act sexually or leaves you unsatisfied behind because of his anxious or nervous nature then you should discuss with him about his state and gift him Cenforce medication. Enhancing the blood flow to a male erectile organ, Cenforce assists your man in accomplishing the advancements in his organ that make you both complete and delighted.

Cenforce is a widely used lovable medication for Generic Sildenafil citrate, which is a moiety from PDE-5 inhibitor category. Hence, after inhibiting the functioning of a PDE-5 enzyme, the level of cGMP increases. This, in turn, helps to widen the blood vessels around male genitals so that the blood flow can be promoted to the erectile organ. Consequently, men will achieve and maintain the sturdy erection while making love with the partner. The only mandated requirement that you should fulfill is the sexual excitement without which the drug will not act properly.

The dosing schedule that you have to follow while taking Cenforce is the consumption of single pill of Cenforce 100mg, 150mg, or 200mg for once a day before 60minutes of making love with the partner. Take a single advised dose or the lowest dose of Cenforce with water and regardless of the food. The drug starts to act within 30minutes of consumption to stay longer for next 4-5hours. Hence, it is suggested not to increase the dose for more than 1pill in a day else, it can lead to a painful or prolonged erection.

Some commonly seen adverse effects of the Cenforce drug in the user include nausea, dizziness, backache, muscle pain, hazy vision, indigestion, runny nose, or facial flushing. Hence, you should keep in mind some following safety precautions while using Cenforce so that the level of side effects should not increase-

  • Young males of less than 18years and geriatric of above than 65years of age should not take the Cenforce drug.
  • Do not have a meal with high fatty content and avoid grapefruit products when using Cenforce else, it can lead to delay the drug absorption.
  • Allergic reaction to any ingredient of Cenforce makes your condition unsuitable for the use of Cenforce.
  • Any other medical condition of liver, heart, kidney, genitals, blood pressure or bleeding disorder makes it conflicting for the use of the Cenforce drug.
  • Consuming alcohol while taking Cenforce will hamper the effect of the drug and may increase the side effects.

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