Cenforce is a most demanding oral drug in countervailing Erectile Dysfunction. Men distress with this ailment is deprived of their ability to attain a penile erection for having a satisfactory sex despite of substantial sexual provocation. It is a well-known composition all over the world. Due to insufficient supply of blood to the penile region this sexual irregularity resulted out.

Like other chronic disease, erectile dysfunction shakes the mind of people. This disease has not affected the old age person, but equally spoils the life of young couples. When the man comes to know he is a sufferer of erectile dysfunction, it shakes his mind. The disease Keep the man away from indulging into the sexual intimacy, as well as it degrades sexual-life quality and has vast psychological as well as physical influences. A  Man diagnosed with the problem of erectile dysfunction becomes physically and psychologically debilitating. He always in a mood of depression and has a thought now he never able to enjoy sexual life again. The most important thing man with this disease should talk openly with their partner, as it is not their fault that they have the erectile dysfunction.

Benefits of taking Cenforce

  • It provides long lasting erection guaranteed. 
  • Beside its effectiveness, it is economical also.
  • It provides ease of shopping, as it is available online.
  • It is highly efficacious in eradicating the need and problems of surgery, intravenous injections, etc.

Cenforce is the best Oral Medication

Cenforce 100mg overcome erectile brokenness by hampering the impacts of the phosphodiesterase 5, which plays a crucial role in erectile dysfunction. Generic Sildenafil is a proactive dynamic component of this drug, Being an active pharmaceutical ingredient, this drug has the property to obstruct the working of PDE 5.The PDE 5 is important to regulate the process of an erection. When the man gets sexually excited, this drug aids in bringing an erection by inhibiting the PDE 5 inhibitor. Once a man has finished sexual intimacy, the flow of the blood into the penile region stops and his erection goes away.it comes in varying dose of Cenforce 150mg, 100mg, 50mg and Cenforce 200mg according to the patient physical and illness condition.

Dosage and administration

Cenforce or Sildenafil ought to be taken via mouth just thirty minutes earlier of involving into the sexual intimacy. The potency of this drug highly impacted when taken with a high fat diet, as it retard the activity of this drug. One important thing, you must come into the foreplay before taking this drug. As the mechanism of the drug just start in 30 minutes and has impact for 4-5 hours.

Before thinking to take this drug, check is it for you or not. This drug should not be taken by a man who has any kind of allergy like skin rash, abnormal heart beat after the intake of this drug. Individual having kidney or liver impairment should take this drug with care. The Person undergoing any heart disorder or having a history of stroke should not consume this drug at any cost.


  • Don’t take nitrate based drugs like nitroglycerin along with this drug as it results into severe fall in blood pressure.
  • avoid alcohol and driving while taking this drug
  • this drug does not protect you from sexually transmitted disease
  • Cenforce is not work for low sex drive.
  • This formulation is not at all meant for female.
  • The safety of this drug is adolescent have not documented yet
  • Consult your doctor in case of severe side effects like prolong or painful erection which last for more than 4 hours.
  • Don’t take this drug while taking other PDE 5 inhibitor drug.