Fildena is a medicine that helps to restore the vivacity in male folks those who are suffering impotence.

Fildena is nothing but generic Sildenafil or blue diamond for men. This is enchanted product which is served to man, as man suffering erectile dysfunction... and lacking his potency to perform lovemaking make him embarrassed and conscious for the condition and this brings pressure, and thus his suffering turns chronic and deteriorates day by day. Solution to your Mr. tiny is here; Buy Fildena online a generic Sildenafil to cure your impotency.

Basically your Tiny is not the only sufferer her e, according to a study this disorder is seen mainly in old aged persons of 40 above but due to this fast and hideous work culture men are experiencing number of disorders. A man experiencing this disorder feels pity to his condition and the partner also feels lacking emotion towards the partner as the intimacy is also an important matter in happy married life; incompatibility ruins the happiness in life.

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If patient is experiencing this disorder it could be due to medical reasons like having diabetic condition or Parkinsonism or physical deformation of male genital this medical condition can be caused after certain age except some conditions low androgen level in blood serum also affects the performance and orgasm of individual. Other than this sex in male is completely affected from brain and its psychological conditions, if one is not in mood you cannot provoke him if he is under pressure or circumstances. Individual is under depression will not go for intimate easily until he feels like having it. Other thing that matters is the lifestyle man going for smokes and excessive alcoholism or drug abuse will definitely suffer this disorder after a certain time period. Now men of young age group are facing this incidence because they are illicit in such lifestyle losing health not getting into physical exercises and intake of healthy diet is also lost.

Mechanism of action of Fildena tablet-

Fildena increases the level of Nitric oxide which increases level of cGMP by blocking the PDE-5 enzyme. This will bring blood in smooth muscle of Corpus Cavernosa this will bring complete hydrodynamic in genital and thus a complete erection is achieved.

Dossier of Fildena tablet-

Fildena should be taken once in a day about 30-40 minutes before the sexual intercourse. One must take the tablet with plain water and do not take medicine along meal as it may decrease the drug action. One should take the whole tablet once and for all by swallowing the complete tablet. Mind that one must not deteriorate the medicament by crushing or chewing the tablet.

Things to take care while administering tablet Fildena-

One must be cautious while taking Fildena tablet as it may cause blurred vision and light sensitivity which make you deprive from driving and use of mechanical use. Patient those have experienced any history of heart attack or arrhythmia or suffered angina pain. One has suffered stroke should take care while administration of drug. Patient having deformed genital or suffering Priapism should not take medicine. Patient having genetic disorder like Pigmentation disorder of retina. Patient experiencing loss of vision and hearing disorder should not take the medication. Fildena tablet is not meant for women and male those are below 18 years of age. Organic nitrates and any other form of nitrates are contraindicated while using Fildena tablet. If patient is sensitive to the content he may get into allergic conditions like urticaria and rashes. If patient is having medicines that are used in transplantation or having blood clot drugs should not take the medicine.

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