In today’s world, everyone is very busy in their day to day activities. All individuals follow a very hectic and busy schedule to earn lots of success, fame and more money. Travelling long distance without taking proper rest and relax may lead back pain, shoulder pain, muscle pain, knee pain and joint pain.

Pain comes as an unwanted guest after the physical injury or damage. Pain may be developed due to nerve damage or multiple sclerosis symptoms, etc.

Pain may also be induced due to-

  • Adverse effects of any medications
  • Caused due to internal tissue damage and dislocation of bones
  • Any sort of physical injury or muscle damage

Neuropathic pain is usually developed due to nerve damage in the human brain and spinal cord. Nerve damage can be caused due to sensation arises due to slight itching, irritation, burning, deep or sharp pain.

Musculoskeletal pain comes from the muscle spasm and strain. For example, muscle fatigue, muscle weakness, any issues happens in ligaments and bone damage also cause nociceptive pain.  

There are a variety of medicines are available in the drug market for treating the indications of acute and chronic pain. It is one of the important things, that you should always prefer medicine on the basis of kinds and severity of pain. But, for muscle pain, Pain-o-soma is a great remedy for the muscular pain. It doesn’t cause any more severe adverse effects after the use. Another accessible brands of Generic carisoprodol are Soma, Pain-o-soma and Pro-soma.

Pharmacology of pain-o-soma-

Pain-o-soma contains generic carisoprodol as a chief active constituent in this preparation. It categorized under the family of muscle relaxant and it directly acts on the central nervous system of human brain. It acts by changing the communication between the nerves of the human brain and manage the pain sensation. Generic Carisoprodol also relaxes the muscles and gives immediate relief from the musculoskeletal agony. Due to the property of habit forming, it is only meant for 2 to 3 weeks; as it may cause drug dependence.

To get the maximum benefits of this drug, always get this preparation along with proper rest and physical exercise.

Specific prescribed dose of Pain-o-soma-

Different doses of pain-o-soma are 350mg and 500mg. It is an oral medicine, so get it via the oral route with adequate amount of water. You should get total 4 tablets of Soma within a whole day, 3 tablets should be taken within a day after a break of 4to6 hours and 1 tablet should be taken at night before going to sleep. Don’t take twofold of this medicine at a same time otherwise you may undergo overdose of this drug.

Don’t immediately quit the use of Soma as it may cause withdrawal indications like severe headache, nausea, indistinct vision, stomach distress, difficulty in proper breathing. Hence, it is strictly suggested to decrease the dose of Soma gradually to avoid the withdrawal symptoms.  

While taking the medication, important safety points to be kept in mind-

  • At the time of pregnancy and lactation, this medicine is strictly not suggested.
  • This drug may cause sedation, so avoid driving and any other type of physical work which need alertness.
  • If you have any form of allergy towards generic carisoprodol then no need to take this therapy.
  • Soma should not be given to children under the age of 12 years.
  • Don’t use alcohol and any alcohol containing medicines along with this preparation.
  • Long term usage of Soma may be very harmful for your good health as it may cause drug addiction.
  • No need to get this preparation in case of stomach and intestinal ulcers.

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