You wake up in morning and you see is the mirror. First thing that you note is your eyes. If your eyes are gorgeous, you will be confident throughout the day. The denser eyelash adds beauty to your eyes. With your single sharp look, anyone can get attracted. Not all are having good eyelashes, some are suffering from hypotrichosis. Hypotrichosis means sparse eyelash that is inborn. People with dull and boring eyes feel less confident and do not have a good personality. Even if they try to attract their loved one, they fail in building an effective eye contact. To make your eyelash denser and beautiful, start using CAREPROST. This medication will improve your eyelash within 6-12 weeks of its application. You will have long, strong, and denser eyelash. There will be no more hindrance if you want to attract anyone. Soon your confidence will be back and your expenses on eye care would become low. Trust on Careprost for healthier eyelashes.

Careprost eye solution will boost up the growth of eyelash hair. This solution has Bimatoprost as Generic. There are three stages of growth anagen, catagen, and telogen. This solution will work on the growth anagen phase of the hair cycle and uplifts the growth of hair. It brings a speedy gain of eyelash resulting into denser, longer, and dark eyelashes. Buy Latisse - Careprost - Bimatoprost Eye Drops online from our drug store - Chemist247Online

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The Careprost eye drops are available as 0.03% strength. Before its application, wash your hands. Then put a single drop over your applicator. Brush it over your upper eyelashes. Keep your eyes close for some time until the solution is automatically applied towards lower eyelashes. Blot solution if excess with tissue paper.


Some DONT's to follow:


  1. You must NOT use those eye drops if already sensitive to it.
  2. You must NOT use those eye drops if you have undergone any surgery or have inflammation problem.

Precautionary measures you should always keep following are as:


  1. Before and after using it, wash your hands.
  2. Do not rinse your eyes immediately after application of eye drops.
  3. Never do touch the tip of applicator or bottle as the possibility of contamination is there.
  4. Do always use sterile applicator.
  5. Remove your contact lenses before putting those eye drops and insert them back after 15 minutes of its use.
  6. You can use any other eye drop but keep 5 minutes gap in between two different eye drops.

Some unwanted harmful ailments that can precipitate with those eye drops are an as blurred vision, darkening of an eyelid, redness of an eye, feeling of something inside an eye, eye irritation, itching, eye discharge, sensitivity towards the light, and burning sensations.

It is advised to keep your eye solution in a safe place away from children. You must store it in a place away from moisture, heat, and sunlight.

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