Nowadays, Pain-o-soma becomes very popular in the field of muscle pain management. It is one of the classical and effective medications among the family of muscle relaxant. It shows the valuable actions just due to its therapeutic agent known as generic carisoprodol. This active medication is also available in various brands like pain-o-soma, Soma and Pro-soma.

Nowadays, many individuals are suffering muscle pain due to various reasons like dislocation of tissues, any physical injury, muscle damage, accidents, muscle spasticity and muscle strain. Pain can directly or indirectly affect the physical body, it also affect your superiority of lifestyle and freedom. It creates lots of hurdle in your day to day activities in your personal and professional life.

Surviving with continuous muscular pain is not an easy condition for anyone, it cause many shocking and disturbing effects in the life of every individuals. In case of chronic pain, it is very difficult to move with the same energy and strength as before. Pain becomes a burden as it makes the difficulty for the sufferer who bears pain and your family members. Pain can also cause many difficulties in proper sleep and it directly or indirectly affect the confidence and changes your mood.

Pain is not noticeable to other people; it can be only feeling by those individuals who are suffering pain. Whenever, you are in condition, it may incise your working hours, reduces your job responsibilities and even lose your income and jobs. Therefore, proper treatment of pain is very necessary to save your financial and personal issues.

Safe treatment for your muscle agony-

Pain-o-soma is fundamentally meant for muscle pain, it is also used in any other kind of pain. Generic carisoprodol is a chief active component accessible in this medication and pharmacologically, it belongs to the class of muscle relaxant. Carisoprodol relaxes the muscle of whole body and inhibits the conduction of pain signals among the nerves and spinal cord. Moreover, it also gives the Anti-pyretic and Analgesic effects.

The dose of pain-o-soma is accessible in various strengths like 350mg and 500mg. It is to be administered total 4 times in a day, 3 tablets should be taken within a whole day and 1 tablet should be taken at night before going to sleep. It is to be consumed via the oral route with a plenty of water. It is to be continued for 2to3 weeks as it is a habit forming tablet. It is not meant for pediatric patients below the age group of 12 years. The doses of Pain-o-soma are to be carefully chosen on the basis of age, type of pain and severity of pain condition.

One main important thing, don’t stop the intake of pain-o-soma suddenly as it lead to various withdrawal symptoms like stomach pain, severe headache, sleep difficulty, nausea, convulsions. To prevent these withdrawal symptoms, you should gradually decrease the dose of pain-o-soma.

Be watchful as taking pain-o-soma

  • Don’t get this medicine in case of kidney and hepatic impairment.
  • Don’t consume this drug therapy in case of porphyria and convulsions.
  • Avoid the usage of liquors along with this medication.
  • Driving of vehicle is strictly avoided after the use of pain-o-soma as it may cause drowsiness and affect your ability to drive.
  • Never make use of any other herbal medicines, any other painkiller and any other muscle relaxant, it may cause drug-drug interaction and lead to severe health complications.
  • It is strictly inadvisable to get Pain-o-soma for long time as it is not safe for your good health.
  • Pregnant and lactating mothers should strictly avoid the usage of pain-o-soma.

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