Abortion is a method to avoid the persisting pregnancy, which can be determined by diagnosing and imaging the medical condition of pregnant lady. One can diagnose pregnancy with the help of pregnancy test kit or ultrasound diagnosis. One can abort the pregnancy in two ways either getting invasive direct to surgical method to devoid the unborn one from the uterus. Second and most widely used way to terminate pregnancy with the help of synthetic hormones, without getting into surgeries. The solution to your requirement is served with the help of MTP kit.

MTP Kit contains two different salt contents called as Mifepristone and Misoprostol which are used to prevent pregnancy. Buy MTP kit online at low cost. These ingredients are nothing but the female hormones which can terminate pregnancy below 63 days. Here Mifepristone is progesterone analogue and Misoprostol is prostaglandin analogue both hormones altogether work synergistically to expel the pregnancy by inducing and increasing the vaginal bleeding.

One may perform this abortion due to various socio economic condition or failure of contraception or personal reason even medical conditions can be the reason to perform the abortion.

Each pack contains 5 tablets:

  • 1 tablet of Mifepristone (200 mg).
  • 4 tablets of Misoprostol (each tablet contains 200 mcg).

The drug induces safe abortion with maximum rate of 98% efficacy of abortion.

Buy MTP Kit online and lose up unwanted pregnancy without any surgical approach effectively.

How this drug therapy work.

Two hormones belong to different category with different actions. Mifepristone stops the release of hormone progesterone which is important for development of endometrial lining which retains for around 9 months. The drug reduces the level of progesterone which brings shredding of uterine wall and softening of cervix and causes bleeding.

Misoprostol is the synthetic prostaglandin which competitively binds the specific site on myometrial cells that induce contraction of myometrial lining and uterus that increases the expulsion and softening of cervix brings the termination of pregnancy.

The MTP Kit cannot be given to ladies under such conditions:

Patient has molar pregnancy (non-feasible fertilized egg gets implanted in the uterus and fails to come outside) or ectopic pregnancy (pregnancy outside the uterus). Pregnancy is more than 7 weeks. If a woman is presently using an IUD (intra-uterine device) it is important to remove them before having these pills. If Patient is suffering from heart, kidney, adrenal gland, liver disorders or has a blood-clotting disease.

MTP kit has following drug interactions: as some drug interaction may decrease the drug efficacy.

  • Oral corticosteroid, i.e. Prednisolone and Dexamethasone
  • Anti epileptic drugs, i.e. Phenobarbital and Phenytoin
  • Anti tuberculosis drugs, i.e. Ethambutol and Rifampicin
  • Anti fungal drugs, i.e. Fluconazole and Ketoconazole

One should keep the drug in moisture free at room temperature in cool and dark place.

Posology for MTP kit:

  • Hormonal Abortion pills are effective dosage form to inducing medical abortion for preventing unwanted pregnancy. The medication should be taken under the prescribed manner, i.e.
  • Day 1- The tablet of Mifepristone must be taken orally with a full or half glass of drinking water.
  • Day 3- The 4 tablets of Misoprostol should be administered orally or vaginally, the medication via vaginal route is more effective to prevent pregnancy than the oral route.
  • Day 14- Check the pregnancy, whether you are still pregnant or not.

Things to take care while taking MTP kit:

Some precautions should be adopted while administering the dosage form. These precautions are:

  • The therapy should not be used, if the ectopic pregnancy is confirmed.
  • The therapy should be ineffective after 9 weeks of pregnancy.
  • Stop consuming alcohol or smoking while administering the therapy.
  • Don't use the therapy, if you are not confirm about your pregnancy.
  • Remove IUD, if place, before administering the medication.

Buy MTP Kit online and lose up unwanted pregnancy without any surgical approach effectively.”