Then we spend our whole day in accomplishing the "so-called" task of the day exact to the office ending time. When reaching home we look for ways and means to fill our tummy and be in bed on time so that we can get up early morning on the next day but...with some tinge of romance in the night for coping our stress and to maintain good physical and emotional bond with the partner.


Soma 350mg tablets


Okay, that's also compulsory! Else, the life would have nothing exciting left within it.

So, this is that common schedule that we all follow on daily basis and in turn, we are doing what is just "ruining our health". I was just making my spouse to understand this little thing, that to add exercise of few minutes in this daily schedule of him is very important. So, finally after listening to my valuable words, my spouse wake up on Sunday and we went for cycling to the nearby town. He was so much overwhelmed on that day that firstly, he exercised for an hour then cycled and then told me to go home and he will come by running. Now what else can happen he invites pain in all of his muscles plus got the muscle pulling, twitches, strain, and spasm too.  Not this, he has to take the rest of 5 days from the office and have to take the medicine called Pain-O-Soma.


The medication Pain-O-Soma embodies Carisoprodol as its chief active constituent that depicts its therapeutic effect on the patient by inhibiting neuronal communication between the reticular formation of the brain and the spinal cord, that later result in alteration of pain perception, sedation and feel relaxation in muscles.


Consume Pain-O-Soma twice a day if taking the strength of 500mg and thrice in the day if consuming the dose of 350mg. You can consume this medication either with or without food with plenty of water. The maximum dose that a person can take of this generic Carisoprodol is 1400mg. This medicine is immensely effective in curing the musculoskeletal issues of the humans. These musculoskeletal issues are muscle spasms, twitches, pulling, tearing, sprain, strain that is effective in ambushing the pain after the surgery.


Some side effects that can occur in a patient are drowsiness, fatigue, depression, queasiness, breath fastening, hiccups, gastric upset, insomnia, and headache.


Some precautions that a person should take when taking this medication are avoidance its intake if discover any sort of allergy after consuming the medication. Pregnant woman, geriatrics, and children must not take this medicine with the prior consultation with a physician.


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