This becomes the most frustrated, annoying, anxious, and stressed situation for the people who will be facing an unwelcome condition. It happens when you face an unwelcome gestation, which is unplanned and makes you worried about it, as you are not ready to become a parent in your early days of marriage.    


Thus, until you prepare yourself to become a parent, you can take the help of pregnancy termination by using abortion pills. Among this category, RU-486 is the widely accepted brand name among women for the secure and successful execution of early stage of gestation.


Get to know about RU-486:

RU-486: A medical abortion process in which you have to consume pills for the safe, successful and private mode of pregnancy termination using RU-486 is widely used nowadays. RU-486 is a brand name for Generic Mifepristone containing total 3pills in one packet and is effectively used to terminate early gestation of up to 49days or 7weeks period.


The working mechanism of RU-486: Mifepristone is a progesterone antagonist, which is used to block the functioning of a pregnancy hormone called progesterone. Since progesterone helps to sustain a pregnancy and so is inhibited using RU-486 so that nutritional supplements can stop to the attached embryo to the uterine wall lining. This causes the shedding of the endometrium and the embryo causing cessation of pregnancy. Afterward, you will notice strong abdominal cramps and heavy vaginal bleeding containing blood clots with abortion contents showing the signs of abortion.


The dosing regimen of RU-486: Three pills of Mifepristone should be taken in a single dose. Each pill is of 200mg strength and thus you have to consume 600mg dose at once. Take the pills orally swallowing using water on an empty stomach. After two days of taking RU-486, you should go for a medical checkup for the confirmation of completion of abortion.

It is rare that abortion is left incomplete, but if anyhow your abortion is not complete, then you need to take two pills of Generic Misoprostol, which is a prostaglandin to complete the abortion. Each pill of Misoprostol is 200mcg strength and thus both two pills should be taken in a single dose either orally or vaginally. Again, after two days, you are advised to go for medical examination for the complete verification.


Undergoing an abortion can cause some temporary adverse effects to the user as if nausea, dizziness, headache, back pain, weakness, strong abdominal pain, heavy bleeding, diarrhea, or hazy vision. Hence, you should keep your diet healthy and nutritious so that your body can get well soon. You should avoid strenuous activities also to avoid pelvic pain. Take proper rest to relax your body. Some additional safety precautions should be followed while using RU-486, as if-

  • IUD (intrauterine device) interferes with the medication, so remove that in case if placed, before using RU-486.
  • Do not use RU-486 if you have any medical condition of bleeding disorder, liver, kidney, heart, or blood pressure problem.
  • RU-486 should not be used if you have any allergic response to any component of RU-486.
  • Age under 18years is not suitable for the consumption of RU-486.


One thing that you should not forget is the avoidance of sexual intimacy until you stop the bleeding after abortion because it can cause infections or the chances of pregnancy. Buy RU-486 online at reasonable rates from our drug portal with exciting discounts.