Infertility in couple rampantly spread across the globe. Due to this couple won’t be able to conceive a baby. According to a survey, the chance of being infertile in man is 50%. As not able to be a parent can lead to a frustration and depression in life.

Male infertility is generally occurring due to no sperm production, low sperm production, unusual sperm function or obstructions that prevent the delivery of sperm, immobilized sperm or thick seminal vesicle fluid, injuries, chronic health snag,  Illnesses, lifestyle choices and other factors can play a role in causing male infertility.


One of the important factors responsible for causing male infertility is an imbalance of testosterone in the body. Testosterone is a male sex hormone, produced by testicle, which is mainly responsible for controlling male characters like development of sperm, muscle formation, bone growth and man sex drive. Medical experts consider 350-400ng/dl as normal testosterone level, less than this value leads to a symptoms like sexual dysfunction, lack of motivation, fatigue, dysphoria and difficulty building lean muscle mass.

Symptoms of Male Infertility

  • Apathy toward sex
  • Enlarger breast tissue
  • Wrinkled male organ
  • Failure to ejaculate
  • Dull skin
  • Inability to achieve erection
  • Inability to make female pregnant in 6 month of unprotected sex

The male infertility can be treated by intake of medicine like Buy Mesterolone, Tamoxifen or by microsurgery.

Know the drug Mesterolone

Generic Mesterolone is a drug prescribed orally to treat and male infertility and androgen deficiency. It supplements the body with male sex hormone as it embrace with dihydro testosterone derivative. It categorized under the group of medications known as androgen (male sex hormone).

The initial prescribed dose is three or four 25 mg tablets regularly for a number of months, taken with or without any food stuff, followed by maintenance therapy of (50-75mg) every day.

The use of this drug is not recommended in children and contraindicated when the individual is having a history of prostate cancer or liver tumors or low level of calcium, or having any allergy like shortness of breath, swelling on the face, lip to Mesterolone or any of its ingredients.

While taking this drug individual may experience some undesired effects like headache, Acne, Swelling of hands or feet, Hypertension, Feeling of affliction, painful erection and Pain in the stomach area.

Quick look

  • Never share your drug with others; it may be harmful for them.
  • It is for those, who have low levels of testosterone in the body
  • With this drug never take anti-epileptic drug like Phenytoin, Phenobarbital, Cyclosporine, thyroxin, anticoagulant, anti-platelet like warfarin, etc.
  • Never increase or decrease the dose that is recommended to you.
  • Never stop the intake of this tablet suddenly, you may experience back symptoms again.
  • Always stored this drug at temperature below 30c.dont left the tablet in a car, heat may destroy the efficacy of the tablet.

Man infertility problem can go and you become father by taking Mesterolone. So avoid all your woes and buy it online and get it at your doorway.