Due to the quandary of ED, don’t miss your satisfactory lovemaking session with your partner. Don’t feel shy or discomfit in front of your partner just because of ED because it is a most common dilemma in male population. Treatment of ED problem is not too difficult nowadays because various medical and non-medical methods are available in the pharma market. By taking Cenforce, You can easily perform your best with your partner.  

Many guys are suffering from erectile dysfunction, which is become a big concern among them. No one is ready to discuss the problem of impotency with open mind and without any hesitation, they all are feel shame and embarrass of talking about their dilemma with their partner and physician. But we are asking why you feel so?

What do you mean by ED?

Erectile dysfunction has become the universal ruin, which is spread among the men population like a pandemic disease. In simple language, loose or soft erection is known as impotency but in medical terms, it is a condition in which a man is incompetent to erect his penis during the sexual intimacy session.

What are the main factors responsible for ED?

  • Unhealthy lifestyle like cigarette smoking, use of tobacco products and use of too much amount of liquors and the presence of any disorder or penile injury may lead to male impotency.
  • Physical causes of ED are hypertension, obesity, high cholesterol level, atherosclerosis, and multiple sclerosis, and penile surgery, low level of testosterone, kidney impairment and liver disorder.
  • Psychological causes of ED are stress, tension, anxiety, depression, nervousness and personal issues are going in your relationship.

How to achieve erection with generic Sildenafil citrate?

Generic Sildenafil citrate is a foremost active constituent available in the Cenforce. Sildenafil simply cats by hindering the actions of PDE type-5 enzyme, after the deactivation of PDE type-5 enzyme, nitric oxide is liberated from the endothelial cells of the penis organ of men and this nitric oxide may cause the synthesis of guanylate cyclase enzyme and this enzyme makes the generation of c-GMP chemical and this chemical results in the relaxation of smooth muscles of the corpus cavernosum and dilates the blood vessels. Dilated blood vessels increase the supply of blood towards the penis of men and make stiffer erection in males. Cenforce medicine is also employed by the male patient to overcome the pulmonary arterial hypertension and it relaxes the arterial muscles of the whole body.

How to get Cenforce doses?

Cenforce is accessible in the tablet dosage form and it is meant to take it via oral route. Ideally, it should be taken just previous to one hour of sexual mating.  After the consumption of drug, it takes at least 30 minutes to show their effective actions and these effects remains for almost 4to6 hours. You have to get only 1 Cenforce tablet within a whole day. The doses of Cenforce are 25mg, 50mg and 100mg. Try to use light meals before or after taking the Cenforce because fatty food like cheeseburger, french-fries, fish and chips may reduces the bioavailability rate of generic Sildenafil citrate.

Men face many adverse effects while taking Cenforce like skin rashes, nose congestion, vertigo, severe headache, stomach distress, drowsiness and difficulty in proper sleep.

Some activities not to be done along with Cenforce-

  • Don’t drink alcoholic beverages.
  • Intake of grapefruit and its juices are strictly forbidden along with this drug.
  • Driving should be strictly avoided after the intake of drug.
  • Men with renal, hepatic and cardiac disorder should take this medicine with some cautions.
  • Never make use of any other medicine belong to the category of phosphodiesterase type-5 inhibitors.
  • Consumption of nitrate and any other Anti-anginal drugs is not allowed along with Sildenafil.

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