Glaucoma alludes to an eye issue that all reason harm to the optic nerve that conveys data from the eye to the mind. Glaucoma normally has few or no introductory manifestations. As a rule, glaucoma is allied with higher-than-typical weight inside the eye — a condition called visual hypertension. At the same time it likewise can happen when intraocular weight (IOP) is typical.

The expanded strain, called intraocular pressure, can harm the optic nerve, which transmits pictures to the mind. In the event that harm to the optic nerve from high eye weight proceeds with, glaucoma will result in perpetual loss of vision. Without treatment, glaucoma can result in aggregate perpetual visual impairment inside a couple of years.

Since the vast majority with glaucoma have no early indications or torment from this expanded weight, it is essential to see your eye specialist routinely so glaucoma can be diagnosed and treated after a short time term visual misfortune happen.

Determination, Screening and Tests for Glaucoma

Amid routine eye exams, a tonometer is utilized to quantify your intraocular weight, or IOP. Your eye normally is desensitized with eye drops, and a little test delicately rests against your eye's surface. Different tonometers send a puff of air onto your eye's surface.

An anomalous high IOP perusing demonstrates an issue with the measure of liquid (fluid silliness) in the eye. Either the eye is delivering a lot of liquid, or it’s not emptying appropriately.

Typically, IOP ought to be beneath 21 mm/hg (millimeters of mercury) — a unit of estimation focused around the amount of power is applied inside a certain characterized zone.

In the event that your IOP is higher than 30 mm/hg, your danger of vision misfortune from glaucoma is 40 times more prominent than somebody with intraocular weight of 15 mm/hg or lower. This is the reason glaucoma medications, for example, eye drops are intended to keep IOP low.

Different techniques for checking glaucoma include the utilization of advanced imaging engineering —, for example, examining laser polarimetry (SLP), optical intelligibility tomography (OCT) and confocal filtering laser ophthalmoscopy — to make standard pictures and estimations of the eye's optic nerve and inward structures.

At that point, at tagged interims, extra pictures and estimations are taken to verify no progressions have happened over the long run that may demonstrate dynamic glaucoma harm.

  • Visual field testing is a route for your eye specialist to figure out whether you are encountering vision misfortune from glaucoma. Visual field testing includes gazing straight ahead into a machine and clicking a catch when you perceive a squinting light in your fringe vision. The visual field test may be rehashed at general interims to verify you are not creating blind sides from harm to the optic nerve or to focus the degree or movement of vision misfortune from glaucoma.
  • Gonioscopy likewise may be performed to verify the watery amusingness (or "fluid") can empty uninhibitedly out of the eye. In gonioscopy, exceptional lenses are utilized with a biomicroscope to empower your eye specialist to see the structure inside the eye (called the seepage edge) that controls the surge of fluid and accordingly influences intraocular weight. Ultrasound biomicroscopy is an alternate procedure that may be utilized to assess the seepage point.
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