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Buy Bimat Eye Drops | Bimatoprost

Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution

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Bimat Eye Drops is an ophthalmic formulation implied for the administration of hypotrichosis. Hypotrichosis is characterized as an uncommon or an inadequate hair example of eyelashes. Bimat eye drops additionally help to upgrade the length, thickness and colour of eyelashes. You can make your eyelashes wonderful with the assistance of Bimat eye drops. Eyelashes are the hairs that become on the edge of the eyelid. An eyelash serves to shield your eyes from earth, daylight, wind and sweat. Bimat eye drops are accessible as ophthalmic arrangement and connected on upper eyelid with the assistance of an implement.

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Bimatoprost is the primary dynamic component of Bimat Eye Drops. Bimatoprost is fits in with the class of prostaglandin. Bimatoprost helps to improve development, thickness, length and gloominess of eyelashes. It additionally used to cure open edge Glaucoma. Bimatoprost demonstrates to it impact by fortifying prostaglandin in the hair follicle to enhance the rate of hair development. Bimatoprost demonstrates its impact by lessening the eye weight by enhancing the fluid surge of common eye liquid. This regulation of eye weight keeps from sightlessness and treats glaucoma.


Bimat eye drops are demonstrated to enhance the length and thickness of eyelashes. It can likewise be recommended for the treatment of open edge glaucoma to lessen torment in the eye and keep from visual deficiency. Shake well before application of Bimat eye mind.

Dose and usage:

  • One drop of Bimat eye drop is prescribed to be connected on the upper eyelid for successful result.
  • Apply one drop of eye drop on your upper eyelid with the assistance of implement.
  • Do not utilize the same instrument for a few times.
  • Use separate instrument for both eyes.
  • Dispose of the instrument after single utilize just.
  • Do not matter to the lower eyelid.
  • If arrangement runs off outside the eye quickly wipe it with tissue.
  • Use this eye drops before you go to rest.


Apply just single dosage in one application. In the event that by oversight you have connected more than a solitary dosage quickly wipes it with the assistance of tissue. Alternately in the event that it causes some damage impact to your eye counsel your wellbeing supplier.

Missed dosage:

On the off chance that you have neglected to apply your eye drop skip it and take after the consistent calendar. Don't make a difference an additional add up to cosmetics the missed measurements.

Antagonistic impacts:

Any undesirable impact of the medication other than the primary utilization of the medication is known as unfavourable impacts. These impacts once in a while are innocuous yet in some cases may cause a few genuine issues. Disturbance, copying sensation, redness, inconvenience of eyes, stinging, watery eyes, staining in iris, dry eye. Photosensitivity, cerebral pain, dazedness, photophobia, smudged vision, change vision, swollen eyelid.

Insurances and cautioning:

  • Do not utilize this medication or prompt stop the utilization of medications on the off chance that you feel any kind of unfavourably susceptible response or excessive sensitivity to Bimatoprost.
  • Pregnant and nourishing moms don't have this medication without counselling health care provider.
  • If you are having some other eye issue like intrinsic glaucoma, conjunctivitis, diabetic retinopathy, dry eyes, viral eye contamination, and utilizing some other medications for the same issue counsel your specialist before utilizing it.
  • If patient is wearing contact lenses ought to uproot contact lenses 15min preceding the application of Bimat eye drop.
  • Children underneath 18 years old don't have this medication without counselling your specialist.
  • Do not utilize this readiness on the off chance that you discover any suspended particulates in it.


Keep it in cool place (2-25) ˚C. Keep it far from immediate daylight, high temperature and moisture.

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