BRIMONIDINE (brim ON ih dene)

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Brimonidine is a dynamic pharmaceutical component of this medication which is utilized to treat Glaucoma in eye. It is utilized as a part of an ophthalmic arrangement which keeps up the lower strain inside the eyeball. This is an alpha agonist which acts by empower alpha receptors on veins inside the eye and keep up the stream of fluid; this cause the strain inside the eyeball stay same and regularly keep up. Ciliary body is the piece of eye which creates this fluid (watery funniness) through Trabecular meshwork which is a channel. On the off chance that channel is square than volume of fluid silliness fluid get decline and pressure may get increment inside the eyeball and it may harm the optic nerve or vision issue. Brimonidine diminish this weight and shield the eye from these issues.

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Brimonidine is the compound which is identified with the alpha-agonist mixes. Alpha receptor establishes in veins which is expands the stream rate of watery fluid in eye and keep up the weight inside the eye ball. Alpha substances are the concoction substances which are display in different piece of body likewise in eyes. It builds the waste of fluid amusingness fluid in eye and abatements the weight inside the eye ball and shields the eyes from eye ailments like glaucoma, vision issue and other related issues. It is additionally used to treat visual hypertension.

 Dose Measurements of Alphagan Eye Drops

  • For grown-up patients – One drop of this drop three times in a day in contaminated eye.
  • For pediatric patients – For 3 to 18 years of age patients prescribed measurements is two to three drop in a day and this solution is not to use in underneath 3 years patients.

Uses of Alphagan Eye Drops

It serves to lessen build the strain into the eye and shield it from different sorts of ailments like glaucoma, vision issue and other related issues.

Un-wanted side effects of Alphagan Eye Drops

It is exceptionally uncommon that Alphagan Eye Drops eye drop produces symptoms. On the off chance that you involvement with any reactions please instantly cease the treatment. There are some undesirable impacts which may happen in the wake of taking this prescription

  • eye redness
  • swelling on eye
  • itching on eye
  • change in vision
  • eye torment

Safety measures of Alphagan Eye Drops

 There are a few Precautions which must take after before taking this drug and diminish the opportunity to reactions and additionally improve its activity. Taking after precautionary measures must be emulated:-

  • Completely wash your hands.
  • Don’t touch eye with tip of dropper.
  • If you have unfavorable susceptibility with any dynamic component of this medication please keep away from it.

Contraindications of Alphagan Eye Drops

There are different ailments where this medication is contraindicated. If you are infected with Herpes infection contamination, issue of blood coagulating, aggravation on nose, asthma assaults are contraindicating circumstances for this medication. Kindly keep away from this drug amid Pregnancy or Lactation.

Drug Interactions of Alphagan Eye Drops

Alphagan Eye Drops may cooperate with a few medications and deliver some undesired impacts. These medications may cooperate with this eye drop

  • Anticoagulants- Warfarin builds danger of dying
  • Other NSAID drug- like Aspirin
  • Lithobid, Eskalith It may lessen disposal of lithium from body.

On the off chance that you are as of now taking other these kind of medications so please utilize this medication with precautionary measures.

Storage of Alphagan Eye Drops

Alphagan Eye Drops ought to be put away in cool place and avoid clean and immediate daylight. It ought to be put away in decently shut hermetically sealed holder.

 Missed Dose of Alphagan Eye Drops

On the off chance that you missed your dosage then please take it at the earliest opportunity yet in the event that it had taken quite a while than skipped it and take the consistent measurements according to timetable. Kindly don't take a twofold measurement for complete missed dose measurements.

 Overdose of Alphagan Eye Drops

Don't take overdose of this solution and on the off chance that you take overdose of this drug please contact with your specialist.

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